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The UPS Truck aka Public Enemy #1


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Hello to All,

Does your Cairn go nuts when he/she hears the UPS or FedEx truck go by?

Yesterday afternoon I received a delivery from UPS. The delivery man rang the bell and placed the package between the screen door & inside door and left.

Cody & Lexi were barking their heads off per ususal. I thought the truck had moved on & opened the inside door to pick up my package.

Well, Cody seized the opportunity to defend his domain & jumped right through the screen door after the departing UPS truck.

I immedaitely ran after him, in my stocking feet in the pouring rain.

I chased him & kept screaming STOP both at him & the departing UPS truck.

He stayed on the sidewalk but I knew he would not stop unless the truck stopped.

Finally, I ran up to the side of the truck with my hand up & yelled to the dirver to please stop.

Cody darted right at the truck, thank goodness it had stopped.

I scooped him up as the driver laughed and said, "time to go home Buddy:.

When I got back home, my husband said, Boy, has that guy got a story to tell his family tonight- the nutty lady & her dog!

I think I may forgo getting the screen replaced & just keep the tempered glass in it for the summer.


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I have had similar experiences - once with my mother's Westie at my house. I was literally barefoot and pregnant running down the street in February. Fortunately our UPS man loves dogs and carries treats in his truck. My Cairn, Leo, also goes absolutely berserk when the brown truck appears. He does the same for the mail jeep - unfortunately the mail man is not a dog lover. The wood blinds next to the front door have suffered greatly. I think Leo considers it his "day job" to watch for deliveries.

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My experience with the OUTSIDER (Public Enemy) occurred this morning. It wasn't UPS but a yard service. I was home today due to allergies and related fun stuff and the dogs were out in the back yard, which had the gate unpadlocked for once because the yard service was scheduled this week. I heard the dogs bark and the gate OPEN at the same time, and ran out into the back yard barefoot in my nightgown :shock: and started screaming at the top of my lungs at the guy to get out and close the gate. It was a horrendous experience probably for eveyone :lol: but the guy beat it out the gate and closed it. I took a short census and both boys, Pepper and Henry, were ok. The last time a gate got left open Pep set out to see the world, and I was darn lucky someone found him and that he had current tags.

Anyway I certainly don't want to repeat that experience. Probably neither does the poor yard guy. :whistle:


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Oh my....what an experience you had. I hope the UPS package was NOT for Codi and Lexi. That would only add to their excitment next time that poor fellow comes around.

I will only open my front door when I know all 3 are securely behind the gate upstairs. They go crazy not only when the UPS truck goes by but they now know the sound of FedEx and the USPS. The Wednesday morning garbage and recycling trucks get their share of vocals from the crew and I think they are tuned in to the newspaper carrier who comes around at 4:30 AM. I think I hear a couple tiny growls around that time but they know better than to cause a major uproar.

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Bear barks at ANY vehicle that makes a rumble on our country road. We have some house constructions going on in our area. It makes for lots of interesting equipment and vehicles going by with lots of interesting sounds. Bear goes nuts. Then there's the usual school bus, mail deliverer, Schwan's man, motorcylcles, cars with boat trailers. You name it if it goes by our house, Bear barks at as if we under attack. It's kind of funny at times, but it's also annoying. We are working on the barking thing with him, but sometimes I feel like it's a lost cause. Bear is protecting his domain. It's hard to over come that attitude.

MAKE it a GREAT day!!! :D


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