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Three things you like most and...


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I'm curious what the rest of you would list as your three favorite things about your cairn and the three traits you like least:

I most like Harry for his:

1) Love for other dogs.

2) Big dog "can do" attitude in his little body.

3) His trust in me.

I wish Harry would...

1) Smile and wag his tail more.

2) Be a little less independent (yah, right).

3) Change his high pitched yap to a more tolerable tone. :w00t:

Your turn...

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Actually, I find that I am mirroring your comments. When I read the post, those were the first things that came to mind. One thing that I would add to "likes" is his perky ears. I LOVE Duffy's perky ears!


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Love and tolerence for small children

Intelligence regarding human words/commands and obedience :whistle:

Entertaining, playful, loving and never boring!!!!!!!!!!!1

Now for the bad traits:

Barking over nothing

Barking over nothing

Barking over nothing

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Pure joy when he sees us

"Smiles" and happy eyes

Absolute love for us

Stubborn at times

Crazy barking at cars, bikes, anything with wheels

Poop eating moments (thankfully they're few and far between)

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What little love bugs they are, and follow me around

How they play together

The intelligence you see in their eyes



Poop eating

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Great topic!

Likes: Scout-1.her deep eyes...they seem to go right to your soul.

2. how she comes up to us and rests her head on our lap, shoulder, and just gazes at you.

3.She actually comes when I say "come"!

Finch:1. Her tail wagging never stops....she is just so darn happy all the time!

2.The way she likes to snuggle in my lap and fall asleep.

3.Her ability to never tire out when fetching the frisbee.

Dislikes: Scout- 1.she likes to roll in ANYTHING smelly!

2.she jumps off the bed if our feet even come close to her!

3.she won't fetch the frisbee...or ball....or any other toy outside.

Finch: 1.she barks at everything!

2.she follows me everywhere with the frisbee in her mouth, always looking for action.

3.she's too attached to her frisbee!

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Likes: :D

Fergus angles his head from side to side when I'm talking to him as tho he's trying to understand me.

His enthusiasm when greeting visitors.

His sense of fun eg tearing around the park with a stick in his mouth with Tui, the Newfie pup lumbering after him

Dislikes: :(

Barking at anything and me having to constantly chastise him as I know our neighbours are fed up of him.

Grabbing things off people in the park,eg anything a young mum might have in the bottom tray of her stroller or a plastic bag of poo dangling from her wrist.

His scratching and licking the fur off his feet.

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around
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Her happy attitude

Her fits of playing

Her love of us


Her grouchy, jealous nature with my cat


Her unpreditable behavior when people come in the house



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Her cuddly nature (such a lap dog)

Cocking her head from side to side when I talk to her

Her playful nature (she would play 24/7 if someone would play with her)


Barking all the time

Her stubornness

Barking all the time

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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Good topic!

Likes -

1. How Bruski's entire butt wiggles when he wags his tail and gets really excited.

2. How lovable and 'mushy' he is in the mornings when we first get up

3. His puppy eyes

Dislikes -

1. Barking (are we seeing a theme here? :)

2. Unpredictability when encountering other dogs

3. Chewing loudly on his bone when I'm trying to sleep

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Puppy Breath, LoL

The way she will cuddle and fall asleep after playing :halo:

Those perky ears and the cocked head when I talk to her!


Puppy teeth, OUCH!

Poop Eating(so glad to know she's not the only one)

Chasing the kids feet :devil:


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Cooper Likes:

He sleeps cuddled behind my knees. That's his place. :halo:

He barks at thunder, because he thinks someone is knocking at the door.

His huge smile! (see below)

Cooper Dislikes:

Emptying the garbage can for me... All over the floor.

Climbs on my desk and finds trinkets to chew... My pens, jump drive, glasses! He has expensive tastes :whistle:

Refuses to share toys... By the way when you divide 50 toys by 3 dogs, all 50 still belong to Cooper! :devil:

Emma Likes:

She's always in the mood to play!

Her mighty growl from a pea sized dog!

She comes when I call her, unless distracted :P

Emma Dislikes:

Carpet squirting!

She hates riding in the car

She can still squeeze through the baby gate purchased specifically to keep her contained. :ninja:

Great topic! Thanks!

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Murph's Great traits:

1. His happy, carefree, lil' deposition. That lil' tail of his is always a waggin'. He never fails to brighten up a day, just by his presence.

2. In his old age, he's finally calmed down enough to be cuddly. He'll happily lay beside me, while I scratch and pet him for as long as I want now.

3. Such a wonderfully quiet boy. If it wasn't for the Collies, I don't think he'd bark at all.

Murph's mildly frustrating traits:

1. Now that my other Cairn, Maddie is gone, he's taken up begging, putting his paws on my knee and whining. He wouldn't have dared try that with Maddie still around. She always sat calmly and quietly beside me, waiting patiently for a tid bit and Oz and Murph always sat well behind her, waiting patiently too, or she'd yank out some of their hair. She ruled with an iron paw. Boy, I miss that girl. :)

2. That I have to open and close the door 3 times before he'll come inside the house. With Maddie and the Collies, all I have to do is open the door and in they'd come. With Murph, anything involving come, always has to be his idea.

3. He constantly wants to lick inside the Collie's ears. They don't seem to mind, but it drives me nutz.



Music Dog Videos - featuring Murph the Cairn, Oz and Gully the Collies and Idgie the Jack

Nothin' Butt Dogs - Picture Contest - July 2006 Photo Contest... Theme: Naughty Dogs... Submit Picture by July 30th, 2006.

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Three things I like:

His cuddliness

His protectiveness

His childishness

Three things I don't

His crankiness

His barking

His protectiveness

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The three things I like most about Saidi.

1. The way she crawls up on my chest and grunts every morning till I wake up and let her out :D

2. How she comes to the door to greet me with her tail wagging 100 mph and a toy in her mouth :P

3. When she refuses to get on the bed at night and will sit looking at us giving short, quiet whines if I forget to bring her "bedtime snack" :)

Do I have to stop here ??? :(

The three things I dislike about my girl.

1. Her ability to not hear me call her when something else is more interesting :devil:

2. How muddy she gets when let outside after a rain and the way she manages to get me all muddy cleaning her up :mad:

3. Her ability to not get tired of trying to pull my big butt down the street when taking a walk :lol:

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Hmm, this requires some typing, which is why I've been putting it off. :)


Olie 1.Squeals at a very high pitch and chews (mouths) my thumbs when I arrive home;

he is devoted to us.

2. Great eye-to-paw coordination...I swear he can catch anything

3. Loves all his extended family to pieces, includes other dogs we dog-sit on occasion, all the members of

our rock band, all brothers, sisters, aunts,uncles, nieces, nephews....

Teddy 1. Very cuddly, loving, and devoted to us, wants so much to please

2. Loves to please enough to sit up quite frequently (of course he gets lavished with attention, with petting and "awwwws" everytime he does it) and he swims like a fish (can't keep him out of the water.)

3. Devoted to the other animals in the house, everyone gets lots of ear-licking (including the kitty and bunny)

Sweet Pea 1. Very cuddly, loving, and devoted to us, wants so much to please

2. Absolute doll-baby to all visitors

3. Relatively quiet, though energetic; not overly vocal


Olie 1. Barks excessively at everything and nothing!

2. Stubborn about accepting new people in the house..yep barks excessively. Also barks excessively and squeals when extended family come through...he just won't zip it!

3. Marking when displeased, right after we leave him to go somewhere, and sometimes just on general principle! (He must be sequested in the kitchen when we go.)

Teddy 1. Follows Olie's lead with respect to excessive barking

2. Follows Olie's lead with respect to marking

3. Won't learn how to catch toys, prefers to let Olie do the work and then steal! (Actually more funny than a dislike.)

Sweet Pea 1. Still wants to attack Olie...but she hasn't succeeded since before we had the dog trainer over.

2. Still not totally accepting of the various baby gate boundaries around the house. The lads know, as well, that they are capable of hopping over some of these gates, but choose to respect our wishes and stay where they're penned.

3. Uhhhh, still wants to attack Olie

That's our gang!

Max and Nelly

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What I love about Allie :halo:

(1) Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, which have such a glint in them!

(2) Her smell -- I just love schnuffling my nose in her coat and smelling warm dusty dog. She isn't "doggy" at all.

(3) Morning and night, when we take off out the front door for our walk, she gives just one bark at the top of the porch. Like, "Ready world? Here I come!"

What I could do without :devil:

(1) Not only does she bark at every passing dog, she has completely scratched up the window sills while doing it.

(2) She wakes up at dawn and starts her watch for birds and squirrels out the balcony door and bedroom windows, now open because the weather is warm, and dawn is at about 5 a.m now. I haven't been able to sleep in past six due to her barkfests.

(3) She really could be nicer to a lot of other dogs. Sometimes she can sound ferocious when she decides she doesn't like another dog we meet on our walks.

The good news? I could probably add to my :halo: list with a dozen other reasons.

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What I love about Pepper :D

1. When he gives off all those comfy grunts and groans when he is getting tickled or belly rubbed

2. His beautiful eyes and silly outsized paws for a small terrier

3. Loves getting hugged -- I got to add, he gets along fine with my Westie, which is a huge priority.

And I could go on, but here are the things that are not so great! :twisted:

1. Into poop eating if I can't catch him

2. Thinks he is a great Dane when we encounter (big) dogs on our walk. This gets complicated because he is always leashed, and they are not always leashed. :mad:

3. Decides he will come at his leisure when I call him to come in from the back yard.

Pam :)

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What a great topic!

Lets see there is so much I love about my Izbell...


1. I love that she is so great with kids, mine, visitors, babies all of them. She is so gentle.

2. I love that she has those intuitive moments, she always knows when somebody is having a bad day.

3. Her cute little expressions, her foxy little face, her smart as a whip little eyes. Ahhh I'm CooCoo for my Cairn

As for my dislikes those are harder...


1. Of course there is the poo eating....why do they always want to give you a kiss afterward? ewww.

2. She refuses to sleep on the bed with me....she likes her own better. (guess I cant blame her, hubby does snore loud, hee hee)

3. I guess the only other thing is her crumb hunting.... between the kids and the hubby somebody always drops a crumb or two and she snatches them up quick, which is a great thing, but after they are gone she still searches and snuffles the same spot for what seems like hours. Looking for the last microscopic bit she is sure she missed (Its kinda funny really, even an hour later she will stop to check out the same spot again just in case! :P )

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Three I like about Zen:

1. As soon as we leave the house for our walk, his head and ears go up, tail straight and he gets

that "Hey I'm a big boy look as he trots along in front of me". It's just like he is on show.

2. When we talk to him and he tilts his head and gives you a look like "OK, I'm trying my best to understand you. Irresistable.

3. His enthusiasm when we say "Let go to the doggy park". It is awe inspiring.


Stealing underwear and socks while we are in the shower.

That pitifull look when we are getting ready to go to work.

Being OVER socialized. Wants to meet anything that breaths. :confused:

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1) That she is so sweet and tender with her love

2) That she knows when she'll lose a battle with her sister and has the common sense to run

3) Her desire to crawl under the grill and hide like no one sees her


1) I wish she needed me more - she's highly independent for 3 months.

2) Ankle bitting, chewing the pee pad for kicks and giggles

3) Slam dunking herself in her own water for fun - my belly splasher



1) She needs me all of the time

2) That she can play with an imaginary toy and make it work (unless I have a ghost.... darn... HA!)

3) That she follows me anywhere


1) She's discovered my collection of shoes..... (oh boy...)

2) She beats the crap out of her sister for no good reason.

3) Won't quit eating my chives out of the garden!

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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3 best things:

Crunch: 1.Expresses love for you 24X7 . :wub: 2. Lets Gus have certain items just to watch him play with them 3. Could lick the peanut butter out of a 10 gallon kong (if they made one!)

Gus: 1. Speed for such a dense little fella. Love to watch him run with Crunch. 2. When he ALLOWS you to cuddle him during times when we are watching TV. 3. The way he will let me scratch his belly when I get him out of the crate in the mornings and both feet do a "Thumper-like" dance in the air.

3 Dislikes:

Crunch: 1. Barking frantically in the front windows whenever he sees ANYTHING. (This seems to be a common theme here.) 2. Being a bully to other dogs, large or small (except for Gus). 3. Dragging food out of his food dish in a nice pattern all over the kitchen floor.

Gus: 1. When he ignores me. :twisted: 2. Barking repeatly in my older dog, Pokey's face to insure he has her attention. 3. Tinkling all over the place in excitement.

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Awesome thread!

A few of my favorite things about Darcy:

1. Playing with her neighborhood boyfriend Zeus (the dauchsund). To see her romp with another dog, especially one she loves, is a pure joy to watch.

2. She's a truly intelligent dog. To make a connection with an animal through your commands and simple talking astounds me. Darcy is more human than I think she'd like to admit.

3. In the winters after daddy takes her for the last trip outside for potty time, she will come find me upstairs and sit on my lap in front of a space heater to warm her paws.... and then slowly falls to sleep. She's done this since she was a pup and it never ceases to warm my heart.

....ONE MORE.... the bonus

4. Her personality!

My not so favorite things of Darcy:

1. Her ability to turn deaf at the drop of a dime. Darcy, come. Darcy COME! DARCCCYYY... COME! Darcy? Darrrr-ccyyyyy????

2. She hogs the bed and covers at night

3. She whines like a 3 year old child when she doesn't get her way

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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This isn't so easy because I had to really think about what to write.

The good stuff is:

1)Cassie just loves everyone and greets them accordingly.

2)She has an infinite capacity for fun.

3)Mostly she is willing to please.

The less than good stuff is:

1)24 hour cleptomaniac

2)Cat harrasser extraordinaire

3)Not a cuddler since it would involve sitting still.

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