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Eli, here!


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WOOF! to all my CUR friends! Long time no post. I've been around, rompin', stompin', and chompin', as always. I haven't really gotten into any trouble lately. 'Cept the Alpha B has noticed that everytime she gives me any people food, even stuff like chicken or carrots, I poop in the bathroom :confused: . I guess it throws my system off. I think she should be more aware of my signals, even if I do signal at 4 am. So I guess it's pretty much straight Canidae for me. * sigh *

She did something nice for me, tho. She had great Grandma's Duncan Phyfe antique sofa recovered JUST FOR ME! Isn't that special? It's a bright burgundy. So pretty and you can tell when I have been resting on it. She got me some comfy new pillows, too. Everything blends well with the Oriental rugs. I am acquiring good taste. But I have not tasted any of this stuff yet. Something tells me I would really get in trouble BIG time if I did. I like it here, so I will be good. Mostly. :shy:

The Alpha B has been acting strange again. She leaves in the car and comes back with all this green stuff and bags of DIRT! Like we don't have enough of THAT stuff already. :shock: And she's doing all this diggin' outside my boundry where I can't help her! AND she rides around the yard on this HUGE, loud, noisy thing that spits grass and stuff out all over the place! AND she has this really long green snake thing that squirts WATER and she shoots me with it!! Can you believe it??? Actually, I sorta like that water-snake-squirt-thing. Man, and I thought that snow stuff was weird!

There's talk around here that we are going back to that lake place in Minnesota again soon. I was there when I was a pup. I am one year old now. A big boy. I can't wait! Maybe I will catch a chipmunk or a bear. Now that I am 18 pounds, you don't think the eagle will carry me off, do you??? :huh:


Eli B)

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Eli, fearless CUR leader! So you got yourself some sort of throne, huh?

I don't know what it is with that green stuff and dirt and why the uprights like us to stay away from it. We have something like that where we live. I smelled something funny in it and started to dig through it...then my lady boss quickly pulled me away! She wanted me to do it far back where it's not that green....something about that area not being too visible to visitors...those uprights are really weird....well, anyway, glad to hear you're going to some nice lake place where you can romp and stomp!


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Whew! Glad to hear from you Eli! I was scared that the uprights found out that you are our leader and were holding you captive trying to stop the revolution. We would have rescued you of course but from what I understand, you live a long way from some of us so it may have taken awhile to get to you. I think you are even farther away from me than the park and that is a long journey for a pup without any belly rubs and none of that air conditioning stuff so am I ever relieved that you are safe.

Here is a GREAT summer game that my famale upright HATES! When she is out in the flower bed pulling weeds (they look like flowers to me. I think she is nuts) you dig and dig in the hole that is left behind. The object of the game is to dig until you find a nice slimy worm and then roll all over him until he hides again. Then you start over. It is the best game ever because you get dirty AND you get worm slime on you all at the same time!! Those worms are pretty fun! What makes it even better is the female upright going nuts saying, "Ewww!!!! Stop Savannah. That is so gross!" I think if she tried it just once she would realize what an awesome game it is and would join me in the fun. One day I will have her fully trained but right now, she is still thinks that she is in charge. <<<rolls eyes>>>> Silly uprights...

Savannah :halo:

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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Yo Eli....our hero!!!! You are one busy dude lemme tell ya. It's about time your uprights realized your importance and got you a proper throne. If anyone deserves it, it's YOU!

I've been busy in my pool. I've got MY upright trained. As soon as she puts it on the ground I hop into it and sit and DEMAND that she fill it right up. Sometimes it takes her like 10 minutes to get around to doing it but I sit there and sit there until she does. I refuse to move!!! I AM a Cairn, after all. We demand respect.

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WOOF! Good to hear from all you fellow cairns! I must try that worm rolling thing. ;) It sounds cool. Lately we have had these HUGE crunchy beetle critters hanging around our back door at night. Have any of you guys tried 'em? They are kinda slow, so you can pounce on them and bat them around with your paw. Then CHOMP them and run off when your upright shows up and says DONT-EAT-THAT-ELI! :P I heard her saying she's gonna put in a Bud Light to keep the critters away. Those uprights are so dumb. Like a BEER would help. So much training, so little patience.

Speaking of dumb: why spend all that money on dirt and green stuff when you could spend it on BULLY STICKS! :thumbsup:


Elli B)

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Bully Sticks RULE!

We haven't seen those bug critters, but there is this one big yummy looking wasp hovering around the patio. The lady boss screams when she sees it, and I don't like it when she does that because she is scaring it AWAY. Doesn't she know that I want it for myself? She yaps something to the man boss about bite and sting, and I don't believe for a second that that wasp, which is much SMALLER than us cairns, can do us any harm. It sure looks yummy!!!!

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