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advice on introducing a small pup to a big strong


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My 3 1/2 year old Lab is super friendly, loves dogs and people and is very well socialized. Despite this, I am still worried about introductions and keeping the puppy safe from Lucy's sometimes over the top enthusiasm. She has had experience around Lab pups and she has played and romped with full grown Westies and Cairns...but this girl we are bringing home will be so small....

Lucy has had many dog house guests, play mates and daycare...she isn't possessive with toys or attention...

tips and advice aprreciated from those who have big dogs too!

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I brought Will home 9 weeks ago (he was 8 weeks old) and I have a 70 lb sheperd/husky mix. I just let them do their thing. Gracie was gentle with him when he was very little and has just adjusted as he grows and gets stronger. A friend of mine ask me if I was nervous about it and the answer was "no" I know Gracie and I know she would absolutley not hurt him.

I took him to a friends house that has a 90 lb Golden "Harley" and they play as if they are the same size. I didn't take him until he was about 14 weeks though. He got rolled over on by the Golden today and he yipped and yelped, and was a bit more cautious around "Harley" but continued to play and have a great time.

The most fun was watching Will at his baby 8 weeks not be even slightly intimidated by his 70 lb sister. Just cracked me up - him standing up so big and bold.

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These Cairn pups are tough. If you know your bigger dog is a sweetie, I wouldn't worry about it.

We have a very aggressive 20-pound male Cairn, who just got a new "sister" about 5 weeks ago -- Trixie was all of 4 pounds soaking wet when we got her. Viggo is as I said VERY aggressive, very combative with other dogs, etc. I was worried, but you know what? Trixie is nobody's fool. When Viggo starts playing rough, she plays back just as hard, and then when it goes a little over the top, she just rolls over and submits. Everyone is happy.

I know there is a big difference between a 20-lb Cairn and a much larger breed like a lab, but given the lab's personality, I'll bet the two will be fast friends before you know it. She will probably 'mother' the new puppy a bit as well.

Viggo's other canine family member is my SIL's Great Dane. Even as a pup, she was of course way bigger than Viggo -- but guess who ended up on her back in the submissive position? :D Yep, the Dane.

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I wouldn't worry too much either. You know your dog better than anyone else, and it sounds like your two will get along fine! When Scout was a tiny puppy, she played with my SIL's HUGE Golden R. They never had any problems and are still best friends!

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