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behavior of an overtired pup?

Barney's Mom

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Dear Cairn friends,

I have another "new to Cairn puppyhood" question for ya'll. Barney is 10 weeks old and usually takes a major power nap in his crate in the morning (about 2+ hours), then in the afternoon for about 1+ hours. Yesterday he didn't get that afternoon power nap and our family took him on a fairly long walk in the evening. When we had our before bed playtime, he seemed just out of control, more so than usual! :P He was growling and biting and was quite agressive.

So here's my question....Are these pups like little kids in the sense that if they don't get their naps, they turn into little :devil: 's? That's my assumption, but was curious if anyone else experienced anything like this with their little ones.

Thanks for the input, everyone! This forum is such a great resource for new Cairn Moms like me! Who better to ask a Cairn question to than a Cairn owner! :)

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Over tired Cairns, as with overtired kids, tend to be cranky + being wired. Give him a couple hours of extra sleep and see if that helps.

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My little Shadow used to do the same thing. He has seemed to out go being as cranky about missing a nap as he used to be. But don't get me wrong they are just like kids or adults for that matter some days they are cranky no matter what.

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My pup is just over a year and I now know that when he reverts back to his yippy young puppy antics (like pulling on my pant leg or shoe laces), it actually means he's beat and he needs and wants a nap. I'll get him inside, put him on his favorite blanket, open the window, he'll take a deep breath and sigh, and then he's out like a light. :)

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Packy was like that when he was younger (he's 15 mos. now). If he was over-tired, he was bitey, crabby, wild and nuts. Sometimes I would just hold him tight and still until he stopped wiggling, then he'd settle down and go to sleep. After his nap, he was MUCH better! He did outgrow that before he was a year old.

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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