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I got Riley Friday :D and I love him! Also, he whines when he's in his crate. He jumps up and hits his head on the top :shock: . I gave him a toy and treat but he still doesn't like. Is there anything I can do :huh: ?

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Congratulations, it's so exciting, I know with a name like Riley your new puppy will be the smartest, most loving little guy :wub: we need pictures.

Sorry I can't offer any help with him crying in his crate as we didn't use one for Rebel,he slept in the bathroom at night and in a blocked off corner of the lounge room during the day, with two kids to play with he just crashed at night and slept right through.Good luck and enjoy :D

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First off, if he whines and cries and you let him out of the crate, you're telling him that his whining paid off.

I would make sure he has a nice comfey blanket or pad in there unless he's likely to chew it. Make sure that he doesn't have to go to the bathroom or is hungry/thirsty. Maybe put a safe chew toy in there and leave! The only time I would let him out is when he's quiet, not yelping or barking.

Most end up loving their crates...it's their den, private place for peace and relaxation.

Another idea that might work well is an ex-pen set up in a busy part of your house. Put the crate in the pen but with the door open. You can put his water dish and toys in this pen area (helps to have some type of vinyl remnant underneath it because of accidents). He will see the crate as a place to sleep or rest and not so much as a confinement.

I used that for Elliott and it worked wonderfully. When I couldn't watch him or when we weren't home, he went into his pen and every night he slept in his crate.

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