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we want to got to alaska this summer and want to take buddy with us.

have any of you guys ever been to alaska if so do you know where dogs are welcome.

Do you think it is a good idea to take buddy with us?

we have the flight booked and everything already


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I lived in Alaska with my cairn. There are many pluses and some minuses. No fleas or ticks (well there are fleas in Juneau) but not most places. No snakes. Also, unlike California dogs are allowed just about anyplace so you don't have beaches where no dogs are allowed (what is that about?). Now you have to be wise to large critters that could hurt or eat small dogs like moose, bears, wolverines and etc. In other words, will your dog come directly to you when called and not antagonize the wildlife? Mine was very helpful because he would let us know when a bear was in the area but do so quietly. He got into trouble though chasing the same squirrel as a large wolverine and not listening to me. Luckily he broke off the pursuit and didn't become prey himself. The worst thing for them to do is bark up a storm then run behind you leading the critter back for you to deal with. Deep snow can also be a problem. While you cannot let dogs eat fresh water fish in the northwest in Alaska you don't have to worry. What you do have to worry about is them rolling in dead spawned out salmon. There are porcupines in the southeast too, but no skunks. It is easier to keep a dog in a vehicle without it getting too hot although Fairbanks in July may be an exception to that. Major cities have good veterinarians, Anchorage even had a 24hour ER. Check the websites of the Alaska Marine Highway and Alaska Airlines for pet travel info. If you are driving through Canada there are papers you may need so check that out too.

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well,thank you so much you helped alot

We will fly with the airplane to anchorage and then from anchorage with the car to fairbanks and from there to yukon and back.

we will be there for about 10 days

do you know any nice stateparks we could take him he loves to walk

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Two hikes out of Anchorage are Rabbit Lake and Flatop. The later was my dogs favorite. Round trip it's 3 miles so plan on 3-5 hours. The trail starts at the Glen Alps entrance to Chugach State Park. Take Toilsome Hill Drive off of Upper Huffman Road.

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