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Cairns on TV


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Did anyone see the two cairn terriers on a reality show recently? I probably shouldn't mention the show, since I'm not advocating folks watch it. These two dogs are adorable. Their owners don't like caring for them and made a big scene picking up their poop. Both are now working and don't have as much time to spend with the dogs. It made me want to take these two home and adopt them.

I think if they are now entertainment, they deserve better. Well all dogs deserve better really, even if they aren't TV stars.

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Yep :blush: I watch that show! I even TIVO it! It is a good thing too,

my dh called me when I was gone to Maine and said you won't believe who

has two Cairn terriers. The funniest part is that I thought I was the only one

in the family that watched the show. I guess....he watches it too!


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So...is anyone mentioning what show this is? C'mon, we won't conclude that you're advocating it!

Those reality shows are addicting, no matter how bad some of them are!

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Ok I'm sorry I didn't mention it but I wasn't sure it was kosher. It is called

Real Housewives of Orange County and runs seven episodes on Bravo. The cairn terriers make it into one episode that I know of. They fare better than the rabbits, but not by much. Watching it might make you feel better about your own life, at least I hope so.

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Thanks for posting the name! I actually thought it was something else (the one with the rich hotel heiress and her ex-friend, although I think she likes dogs, but not cairns). I saw previews of RH and thought I would :sick: if I watched...... :D

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I just saw a clip of this show with the woman putting them into a kennel in what looked like the garage. I feel so bad to think the little guys are in a stuffy hot garage while she is out buying new handbags :(

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