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Unleashed dog encounter


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A couple recently moved into our apartment building with a sleek black mix breed young female named Maggie.

Because of the lay-out of our building only my apartment opens to the sidewalk and to the left of my door is a treelawn.

Maggie is routinely "let out" to potty and she travels the length of the building, passing a breezeway, my windows and door to use the treelawn, which is sandwiched between the street and a parking lot. Her owners stand under the canopy to watch her, and 99% of the time Maggie is single minded and never wavers from her task.

I was bringing Sophie home from a walk this evening when I spotted Maggie and owner at the treelawn. I stop walking and brought Sophie to a short leash, and waited for Maggie to finish going potty and return to the apartment. Sophie is on instant alert, in "mighty dog" pose with one paw up. She watches Maggie smells both our door and window on her way back to her apartment, Maggie started up the entrance and then doubled back. She makes a beeline towards Sophie. My son begins to freak out, wanting me to pick Sophie up. I decided to let Sophie handle it, knowing that Maggie was not a serious threat, her owner was right there, and Sophie appeared very capable of handling the situation however she chose. It was almost a meeting of the "apartment witches"

Sophie responded with a perfectly dominate snarl that cowered the larger Maggie, she didn't lunge or jump, simply snarled and then the owner snagged her with a "making eye contact ....I'm sorry" and sent her up the entrance. I remarked "Maggie needs a leash". And Sophie was 'flexing' all over the sidewalk. My son went to the apartment a wreck.

I had to walk Sophie another block before she stopped vibrating energy :P She pee'd on the treelawn (which she never uses) and kicked grass behind her 10 feet. She thought she might double back and investigate where Maggie went and woofed a time or two. She feels 20 feet tall and bullet proof.




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That is cool....she was taking hold of the situation! Good Girl Sophie!!! ANd I like how she left her calling card for Maggie!! way ta go!

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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That was great and I think you were smart to let her handle it.

Sophie is now ready to encounter the Wicked Witch of the West.

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Yay, Sophie! Tena, we're getting close to bringing our new little girl home from Colonel Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue; our app has been approved and we have what is called a "matchmaker." We've been told that a lot of the little girl Cairn terriers in the Colonel Potter system have been rescued from being puppy mill breeders, and that they have a lot of the same issues you described when you first brought Sophie home. We'll be counting on you for advice once our little girl comes home with us.

Once again, hooray for Sophie The Cairn! :D

Tara, Olie and Teddy's Mom

Max and Nelly

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Congratulations on the new little girl, she will enjoy herself. Sophie has been with our family 6 months now. And alot of the first days seem like a blur. Like hand feeding her so she would eat, the surgery, housebreaking, bladder infections, leash training, not to growl at the kid, getting a handle on her animal food aggression and guarding behavior. That was the concentration the first month or two along with socializing the living daylights out of her.

Other issues were worked on after that. She is still growing into her real personality and character.

It has really been fun watching her develop physically, mentally and emotionally. To watch her initiate a game of "get bunny foo foo" knowing that 6 months ago she didn't know how to play, is the best feeling in the world.

I am very luck to have found Sophie in that wet, dark cell at the dog pound, most fortunate that she developed breast masses and was thrown away by some profit driven freak. Because of that idiot I am loved by the most amazing little dog....

I'll be glad to help in what ever way I can, most Col. Potter dogs have the first few months of socialization under their belts, your new baby will arrive ready to blossom.



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