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We have another swimmer!


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Just got back from visiting family in Maine!

We went to beach everyday, and it was

so awesome! I LOVE MAINE! Grilly has always

been a "water" dog....he grew up on the beach, but

I was worried that Madison would not like it. It was

only her 2nd time at the ocean. Well, she loved it!

She was fetching right along side of my sister's black lab!

(not quite as deep...but the effort was definitely there) She would go in

pretty deep, even put her snout down in the water. Now, the ocean in

Maine can be a bit nippy :P especially in April, but it didn't

bother Madison. Grilly prefers it to be a little warmer, so he would fetch

....as soon as the waves brought the toy a little closer :idea:

We had such an awesome time, but I forgot my camera :shy:


oh well!

Here's to all the swimmers!

Ellie, Grilly and Madison

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No pictures??? It sounds like you had a great time!!

I think you should grab the camera and go back..... ;) .


Cathy and Piper

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Maine is so beautiful and I'll bet your two Cairns added to the scenery. The temperature of Maine's ocean water in April must have been down right cold!

Although I've never taken Elliott to a beach, he is a water demon whether it's from a bathtub, swimming pool, hose or kitchen faucet. Water temperature has no effect. They are indeed related.

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It sounds like the pups had a terrific time in Maine! I'm telling you, some of these Cairns are going on better vacations than I am.... :D:D:D

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I'm jealous! I love Maine!!! Scout and Finch love the water but I have not convinced them to jump in the hot tub yet...lol!

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How fun this sounds, Sophie discovered a creek this week, while Madison discovered the ocean....little water dogs. And Maine is beautiful



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