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help with Madwoman


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Let me start off by saying I love Madison with all my

heart! I know she is a true blue Cairn. My question/concern

is that I am spending sooooooooo much time with her. She demands

a LOT of attention. Kayharley....when did Elliott start to settle down.

Madison is 10 months 11 months on the 27th...I know she is a baby but

she truly only has two modes Hyper and off! I truly love her attitude and

sass, but I think she demands 90% of my time and leaves on 10% for Grilly!


Any advice?



she gets tons of exercise, and I have yet to see her "tire out"

she will only sleep if I put her in her crate. At night she goes in

her crate and CRASHES, but until then she puts the energizer bunny to shame!

She makes that bunny look like a snail :P

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I can answer.....Teona is just as bad as Elliott :devil:

She is now almost 17 months old and I can see a big difference. I never thought she'd calm down or be unsupervised. Hubby and i can now actually leave her and Tabby out for several hours alone and come home to a couch in 1 piece...LOL

She's still very hyper and loves to play, but she now takes naps during the day like her big sis. :wub:

Hang in there, it will get better.

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I have the same problem only in reverse. We have Molly (mixed Scottie/JR terrier) and I have never seen the energy level with Darcy that Molly has. She steps all over Darcy trying to get our attention when we come home. Poor Darcy just takes it and winds up in 2nd place. I can't get down in the floor with Darcy and play one on one unless I put Molly outside cuz Molly hogs all the toys when I try to play with Darcy. She is relentless. Darcy is very low key for a cairn and I just wonder if it's because she has to compete with Molly. She isn't cowed but you can just see it in her eyes ... here comes Molly, so playtime is over. I just feel so bad for her but other than leaving Molly outside, I don't have a clue what to do, and that's not fair to her either.

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Perhaps consider setting a schedule. We sometimes set a kitchen timer - when it goes off it's "time to switch the dogs." With five dogs at the moment we tend to do shifts of multiple dogs, but it works just as well for one-on-one time. If Madison is not trustworthy in a spare room or hallway, crate her. In fact, it's usually best if the 'off dog' is far away from the action when it's not her turn.

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Brad, FIVE cairns? Oh wow. Your house must be full to overflowing with love for these little critters. I can't imagine another cairn much less 5 at the same time. The switching schedule sounds like a winner to me and I try to do that in the evenings when I get home from work but sometimes other things get in the way and I can't seem to get organized. Switch dogs...that's a hoot!

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Ellie, My pup will turn one year old at the end of this month. I can only tell you that I got home last night from work, ate a quick supper, took my dog for an hour off leash hike, THEN I went up to see my sister who has THREE dogs of her own. The four dogs played until 9:30 p.m. when I finally headed back for home. Harry slept fine last night. I have actually noticed that he has started to settle down a little but if he misses more than one day of hardy exercise - - I end up "paying" for it. I think it will come for both of us but it might take a little more time. Good luck to us both :P



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Ellis looks so relaxed in your pic. Love the ocean, river, lake (?) behind her. Wish I had somewhere like that to take my two, alas, we are city dwellers and with not even a dog park, around the block is our option of choice.

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But still Brad...even four Cairns more than I care to even think about controlling. I didn't realize you had sooo many. I know they are the love of your life, but wow, how do you do it with four? I was pretty amazed at those on here with three. I guess, the more the merrier!! My hats off to all of you who own more than two cairns at a time. If I was retired (not even in my vocabulary) I probably would consider another puppy (cairn of course) but I guess that day will never come. The undertaker will just have to come to my office and pick me up when I'm gone.

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I find having three easier than two. I can be giving one individual attention while the other two are playing w/ eachother. Kiara doesn't mind being left alone, but Abbey and Hannah do. I love it when I'm out in the yard watching the three play. They seem to take turns coming over to me for attention. Both Abbey and Hannah will come and jump up at my legs to be held for a few minutes.

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Madison and Buddy are both the same age. Buddy will be 11 months on the 20th! One week apart.

Buddy is a little maniac too. We walk outside, but I know it isnt enough for him. He will just tear through the house and run a circle from the living room to the kitchen. When I take him to my mothers, he tortures her dog (a dacshund) the entire time, playing and aggravating him to pieces. When we leave, both dogs spend at least one day sleeping. No Kidding!

One thing that really bothers me is that Buddy will follow/chase me all over the house and nip(sometimes bite the crap out of me) at me. He bits my butt! bites at my clothes and all that. Tonight is our first night of private obedience lessons. If that seems to work as far as behavior and energy, I will let you know.

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Thanks for all the wonderful replies. I definitely think this little

:devil: needs some training. As I write this she is doing her best

to kill the couch! Those cushions are so tempting. I feel as though

I am back in my classroom..and I have a student with true ADHD.

I envsioned the two doggies playing and keeping each other entertained :huh:

Now Grilly just watches Madison with a look like "What is she doing?"

Now, I do have to say that she is very smart! She comes 100% in ths house!

She learned sit, down and rollover Very quickly. So, what I am thinking is

how to harness this energy into massive amounts of learning? I wonder if

she would do well with one of those packs Ceasar (sp) Milano uses. BTW: She is still

killing the cushion! :whistle: I stop her but she goes back to it within minutes!

She is like a tasmainian devil in the cutest little 12 pound body! I sure do love her,

but she exhausts me.

3 Toomany?

As much as I would love it....DH would leave :D

thanks again


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When did Elliott settle down? I would have quoted you but I'm having trouble editing. :confused:

He has not calmed down but he has improved 100% in many areas and it was definately well past the age of one.

One of his big things is jealousy. If I start to brush either Winnie or Madison, he gets extremely vocal because he wants to be brushed first. And it's funny but if I do brush/groom him first, he's not so much of a pain when I do the other two.

He has become the alpha only because the other two have let him....I give my older Winnie the status of being the alpha and will not tolerate Elliott telling me what to do. :whistle:

10/11 months is still very young. Maybe a ride in the car for Grilly alone...a trip to Petco only the two of you. She will mellow out with age and then you will be wanting your little energizer bunny back.

If we wanted a laid-back breed we'd all have Bassett Hounds (no offense to Bassett hound owners...they are so adorable and cuddly)

I honestly love Elliott's energy and antics....but, please don't ever tell him I said that! :lol:

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Sophie is 3-4 and is a pretty mellow girl most of the time. But she needs 2 'structured' walks, a long meander and a good crazy, snorting, rip and run through the apartment chasing her ball to stay that way. If she misses any or all of the above...she is a grouchy, cranky, into everything mess.

We learned the hard way that her mellow personality directly coresponds with her activity.



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Our pup is pretty mellow now, and it worries me sometimes! He spends most of the day on top of the couch on guard duty next to the window :P and gets 4 short walks during the day. He does get lively when he has something to bark at (person, another dog, squirrel, car, truck, leaf, etc.) and does get excited when anyone comes home. But he is so mellow and just lies/stands there on guard duty watching over the neighborhood, it really worries me that he isnt his excited self! He is 2 1/2 years old, and started mellowing about 1 year ago.

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Scout just turned 4 years old and she really calmed down at about 2 years old, which is when we adopted Finch, so we did the "puppy active life" all over again! Scout doesn't get jealous and tends to sit back while watching Finch go "crazy".

Finch just turned 2, and while she has calmed down a little, she still requires alot of attention and exercise. I swear, if dogs could skip and sing, Finch would do it! She is always so happy and seems to "dance" while walking! When I was really sick and not able to take my two for walks, I would stand at the top of the stairs and throw the frisbee down the steps to help exercise Finch. She didn't like it at first, but now she loves this game. Finch also loves to catch the frisbee, but Scout will only chase it for a minute or two. Scout prefers to sit and watch.

Because Scout is so calm and doesn't ask for attention often, I try to give her lots of belly rubs and "ear scratchers" all the time...which, of course, she loves!

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