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Clever Public Sign


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Thought this one was kind of funny, nice to see a city with a sense of humour!!

And a beef of mine... dog owners who dont pick up after their pets in the snow...all these 'treats' are surfacing with the spring melt all over my area -around the sidewalks, parks -kicking some snow over it doesn't count!... and i'm a bit guilty in finding a bunch in my backyard now, but i always pick up after our pup on a walk!

Maggie is getting spayed today...my fingers are crossed all goes well!!



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Cute...but unless the doggies can hear the way Grrr, bark and woof are said how can they interpret? :)

Good luck with the spay...keep us posted.

Tara, Olie and Teddy

Max and Nelly

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Guest posting as: Hagar
:devil:For A and J, I have a "System" for Renny's droppings in the snow. I am consciensous about picking up after him regardless of the weather. However, if he "goes" near a house that won't clear the walk in a reasonable time, I "forget" to pick up. Seems fair to me. Hagar
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