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Ellie & Dori go RVing


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We're at one of our favorite RV spots in Orlando, just hanging out....Thought I'd show you a few shots of the girls.

Took them out to give them a good brushing to ease up on hair in the motor monster, of course 5 minutes later and some wrestling, they looked shaggy again!!



Then I had to hide the rawhide bone (i thought) so they wouldnt get sick.....I guess they found it....arent they pathetic!!


Darn pics came out to small...grrrrr!

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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Mine love to camp although we only have a pop up but it does have a shower, toliet, microwave and tv so it's really not camping...not like boy scouts. Gee I am glad the days of tent camping are over!

My favorite place so far was a place in the north GA montains called ALexander's really big sites and the view was awesome. We will go back again!


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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yeah, this isnt exactly camping either....obviously! But it fun inside with them running from window to window to keep on everything going on out there. They draw a lot of attention when we're sitting outside.

I'll have to look that place up in GA, I think it's so beautiful there. But we always seem to just zoom through it. We stay north of Jennings when we go through.

And I agree, tent camping days are waaaaaay gone for me!!!

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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Only one picture is showing. I bet that's fun camping w/ your Cairns. I'm taking Hannah w/ my dd and I for a short 3 day visit to my parents. My dh is staying home and taking care of our zoo. Kiara and Abbey do super together and Hannah is my little travel buddy. She'll be secure in her carseat next to my dd.

Would you try to send the pictures again?

<img src=&quot;http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/maiwag/terriersiggy.jpg" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />

Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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