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Kipper's Earthdog "brag"


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This is a funny story that I thought might make some of you with less than "driven" dogs.

My husband was getting some crackers out of the pantry for the kids one evening and when he opened the door there was a MOUSE in there checking out our vittles! He knocked it out of the pantry and on to the floor where it attempted to scurry away but to no avail! There was the mighty hunter there and he happened to have faster reflexes, it was only seconds and the mouse was caught, shaken dropped, caught again and then it met it's fate; surely there has never been a more intense hunter in all the world! We never knew just how seriously this dog takes hunting. It was a very intense truly "terrier" :devil: situation, just what any of us would expect from a Cairn right? However this is not the story of a Cairn Terrier and his exceptional rodent eradication skills, this friends is the story of Freckles the Cocker Spaniel whom we are currently fostering. Where was Kipper during all of this drama? He was heading as fast as he could to the OTHER room! He watched all the fun from the recliner. I think I heard him say "We'll just let junior have a go at this one" :whistle: .

So this is MY earthdog brag! Only I don't know of any Cockers that compete in Terrier events :lol:

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Freckles the cocker spaniel ruthless killer of vermin. Yeah, the fearless Cairn was supervising the mayhem, ready to provide back up if the critter came his way. Don't want it to get lost under the chair now do you?

Loved this story



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