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School Started!


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I had the best day ever yesterday! :thumbsup: My Advanced Obedience Class started last night. But first, Dad took me on a long walk in the morning and I got to sniff, play in the leaves and check all my pee-mail. Dad said he walked 2 miles and I probably walked 3 miles! In the afternoon, Mom & Dad played the "Come" game with me -- Mom was upstairs in the bedroom with treats and Dad was downstairs at the other end of the house with treats. When they say "Come", I get to run up and down the stairs to each of them. Mom says I sound like a herd of elephants running through the house and not like a little dog. Even later in the day, Mom got out the laser light and I chased that around for 30 minutes! I love playing chase the laser light -- I know I will catch it someday. Mom said she hoped that all the activity would wear me out for school. Yeah, right!

Finally, it was time for school! I was the smallest dog there by about 40 lbs., but that didn't bother me a bit. I really wanted to say "hi" to everyone and play, but Mom kept me on a pretty sort leash. The teacher was Trixie and she was helped by her two uprights. Trixie is so smart -- she has been invited to the National Dog Agility Championships! I hope she teaches me how to go through those tunnels or tube things! We did some review from last year's beginner class and of course, I aced it all. Then when they started teaching us some of the stuff to get our Canine Good Citizen Award, I aced that, too, first try. I don't know why everyone so surprised -- I mean, I'm a smart little guy. :halo: Just cuz I don't always want to do what my uprights tell me doesn't mean I don't know what they're talking about. Sheesh!

After class, I was pretty tired. In fact, I went to bed as soon as I got home. Man, all that racing around during the day and then thinking about the obedience stuff in the evening really wears you out.

Oh, by the way all you CUR members. I passed on some of the CUR information to the other guys in class. They're all up for it and we'll have another meeting next week. I don't think our uprights have a clue...

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Woof! Eli, here! Wow, you had quite the busy day. And still had energy enough to post! I had a busy day, too. I had to supervise the handyman working at our house. I am certain he could not have done his work without me.

I am glad you are sharing the CUR info. But don't let that obedience stuff get in the way of the cause!



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Grilly wanted me to tell you that he thinks you will do great!

He also said to tell your upright that agility training is tons of fun!

Grilly started the training by barking for 50% of the class, but by the

end of the class he was second in the class. Only to be out done by

a border collie. I had as much fun as Grilly did!


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