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Mom dropped a bunch of shredded cheese, so being the helpful guy I am, I volunteered to clean it up. That floor is so clean now, you could eat off it! Well, I guess I already did...

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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That would be a dream come true for Rebel, he is always under my feet when I'm cooking and I usually accidentally drop something :whistle:

But I have to say on the rare occasion when I have dropped something hot,(a real accident) Rebel has listened to me scream NO! and left it alone thank goodness :shock:

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I dropped a piece of raw turnip tonight, and Allie was right on it! Go figure! I think that anything coming off the counter is delicious in her opinion...and I also think she eats it so fast she couldn't taste it anyway.

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Guest girliejr

Jack is also right under my feet in the kitchen! I had just about decided he would eat ANYTHING dropped until I recently dropped a black olive. That seems to be the one thing he didn't eat! He did chew it up and then spit it back out.....I finally found the ONE thing he doesn't like!! :lol:

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