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She made it Home!


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My little :devil: has been kidnapped and another calm doggy has taken over her body. We picked up Abby Rose from the vet and I've never seen such a quiet calm dog (at least not since we got her). It was so quiet in our house I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

She was spayed, had a tooth pulled, and 4 dew claws removed, (thus the pink socks and cone head). Apparently hunting dogs have their dew claws removed to avoid injury and one of hers was torn, so better to remove them. (Although the only things she hunts are our shoes on our living room floor.)

I took the cone off at dinner time so she could eat and she started barking and growling (trying to make up for earlier today). She's still not her normal self, but at least I know she's really in there somewhere. Check out her pink socks!!

abbyrose17lk.gifAbby Rose
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Good luck keeping the socks on. I had all four dew claws removed from Dusty as he is a working dog. Boy was it interesting keeping the bandages on.

One thing to keep an eye on is that the pet wrap doesn't get wet. When it gets wet it shrinks and can cause discomfort for the dog. Just the dew in the grass was enough to cause it to shrink. Just wanted to mention it so Abby Rose stays as comfortable as possible.

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Oh the poor baby...I feel so for her, naked belly, funky hat and bad shoes...it's a nightmare.

I'm glad she is feeling ok.




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Ooooohh, she's too cute. I too had a tough time keeping the socks on my pup (his socks were red - ha ha). I ended up buying my own supply of cotton bandages and wrap. My pup was forever getting his feet wet and dirty. Just an FYI, the dew claws took a lot longer to heal than his 'other' surgery. He also popped a stitch on one of his legs which made it an even longer period. It's just so hard to keep them from racing around like match box cars. Best of luck but sounds like she's doing fine :)

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Poor poor baby! But look at how adorable she is. I'm still so surprised at the cone for a female. I hope Miss Abby feels better real soon - and she IS stylin' in those pink socks.

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Glad you got her home safe 'n' sound. She doesn't look too pleased with the fashion accessories, not that I blame her. When Roxy was done I found she didn't come back to normal till the booties came off.

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