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Rebels big night


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Tonight is Rebels big night, last year I found out my husband would be going away for 2 months with work,and decided it was time for a new family member,someone who could watch over us, and after months of research decided a Cairn was for us :wub:

Well my hubby sailed off this morning, and Rebel is, as of this moment, prowling the down stairs to keep us safe.

Oh he is so cute, it's me that would stand fast, to protect him from danger, not as the books would have me belive, they never told me I would fall so in love with him that I couldn't stand the thought of him wandering around by his little self in our big gloomy house.

Seriously we live in a very safe area ,I just feel better knowing he will bark at anything he thinks strange( I may get no sleep).

I keep telling him he has to be a big tough boy now(at 10 months) and keep us safe, all the while giving him kisses :P

It is his first night free in the house, I can't wait to see how he goes,he's not allowed up the stairs, and has never even tried to pass the second step, so it will be very interesting to see if he does when he thinks no one is around,also it will be very interesting to see what I do if he comes up ,and I'm all alone in that big lonely bed with no cranky dad :whistle:

Wish us luck Deb.

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I'm so happy you and Rebel have each other. Yes, he will always be a wonderful watch dog. Cairn hearing is extraordinary...uh, sometimes too extraordinary as you have pointed out. :)

It shouldn't take Rebel too long to decide it's time to negotiate the stairs. You just can't keep a Cairn out of any situation where their human is involved.

Good luck with the two month separation from DH. Count on Rebel and us here on the forum for company.

Tara, Olie and Teddy's Mom

Max and Nelly

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What a good boy watching over Mom! Rebel will be so spoiled by the time Daddy gets home!!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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