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Need Really Tough Toys

Guest Jandy

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We've been very lucky with our current Cairn, Packy. He doesn't really chew on anything that doesn't belong to him (but he will hide socks under the bed if you leave them out)! He's VERY hard on his own toys though. He's got any stuffed squeaky toy torn up in 2 minutes flat. Plastic squeakies (latex or other) don't last more than 3 minutes and he's even chewed pieces off Kong toys. We've sized up on the Kongs, but he can still get to them eventually.

I feel bad for the little guy, because he loves stuffed animals and squeaky toys. Any ideas for this major league chewer?

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Welcome Jandy,

Packy sounds a lot like Kai-lee, our best bet has been tennis balls, and the "Air Kong" toys, [they look like tennis ball material] & some of the Nylabone products labeled for "tough" chewers. Stuffed toys don't seem to make it! The only ones that are still around are the two original ones she got the day we brought her home almost a year ago....all other where "killed" fairly quick! Hope this helps...good luck!


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Scout does the same thing with the squeekie in the toy...it's her mission to get it out! She will pull of noses, arms, legs, ears.....just to get the dang thing out. All that's left is a pile of "fluff' and body parts....a true toy crime!

We HAVE had some luck in several toys for Scout. The Dr. Noy toys have held up, except for the yellow duck...it bit the dust right away....but the froggie and mallard are still intact. I have no idea why one was destroyed and the others have held up.

Here are some of the toys that we still have. The little rubber "clown" in the lower right was a clearance items at Petsmart for $1.00....lol!


Finch couldn't stand having her toys put on the sofa, so after I took the picture, she jumped up and grabbed her toys. :P


We also have this frisbee...Finch's favorite...and it's been chewed on for months and months!


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Gosh, Finch -- thanks for showing your toys! I think Packy has had something like that red gingerbread man, but it didn't survive a day. I was buying those latex toys at WalMart like your orange clown (they are only 97 cents!) and thought I had found a solution, but apparently Packy has figured our their weak point, too. I'll have to look for the Dr. Noys toys and that Chuck-It frisbee thing from Petsmart.

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Dr. Noys Toys do not survive in our house unfortunately - out pup bypasses the velcro seal for the squeaker and manages to eat a hole directly through the fur to get to the squeaker. :(

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Well, rats! Since Packy is such a wizard at finding the weak spot, I guess Dr. Noys will be out. :( Maybe I'll just have to get a new flavor of Nylabone...

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Sophie's favorite toy is a long hot dog looking stuffed thing with a rope and knot on each end...thats been chewed and chewed. She makes herself nuts trying to make it squeek. She loves to grab one end of the rope and then shake it madly.....

Her other favorite toy is a small foam ball that used to belong to the cats. She doesn't chew her toys much (did brutally kill the cat's feather ball, the feathers she found very attractive) and we always give her a little rawhide to chew on when she has something not hers in her mouth. Pencils and pens are the biggest victims in our house....




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