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Review of the Westminster show


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In response to a recent post of mine, some of you asked how I enjoyed the show. The answer is a definite yes. I'm a novice at this type of event so my reactions may seem superficial to more seasoned attendees. I'm posting this for those who've never been, and may be anticipating going next year:

I arrived in the late morning. Because of the snowstorm the day before, there were a lot of empty seats, but nevertheless, a good-sized crowd as well. I'm told that at night, there's usually a full house.

Among the good things...The Garden staff was very pleasant and helpful. This was important in such a huge arena where it can be hard to navigate. It was nice to be with so many other dog lovers. Everyone was chatty & friendly. There are guys walking around selling water, popcorn, cotton candy... and champagne!... That's right, cotton candy & champagne...go figure!

I ended up spending more time in the grooming/holding area than I did in the arena...There was so much to do & see... All the different breeds up close. The crush of people is tremendous...I can't imagine what it must be like in the evening at prime time! Lot's of handouts...toys, food, treats, magazines, etc. Lot's of (expensive) items for sale. Nice to browse even if not buying. I never got a chance to speak to some of the cairn owners/trainers, so that was disappointing.

The lines for food are very long. It might be practical to bring your own.

If you go, pack a good lunch, don't forget your binoculars as I did, and have a good time!


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