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Not a Happy-First-Birthday


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Awwww, Tuff.....what a rough birthday!!!!

I'm glad to hear that he is ok now and on the mend...poor guy!

You will have to have an extra special party next week. Thank goodness dogs do not know what day it is!

Finch's birthday is March 21 and Scout's is April 1st so we celebrate their birthdays together....alot easier for me! :D

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Sorry to hear your little guy had such a rough day!!

I think he deserves an extra special celebration when he is fully recovered!!

Happy Birthday, Tuff!! :cake:


Cathy and Piper

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Poor little Tuff! It's always so hard to see these pups under the weather. Be sure to take extra special care of him and pass on the hugs and smooches we send him from here.

Allie and Kathryn

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Poor little guy! How lucky he is that you'll be home to give him some extra love while he is feeling poorly. Is Tippy sympathetic, or is she trying to get him to play?

Please be careful with the Tylenol. Check with your vet. There was an article in a recent Dog Fancy magazine about aceteminaphin being dangerous for dogs. It's worth a call to check.

Have a great birthday celebration!

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Poor thing! I hope he's better, I also have read about aceteminaphen not being good so you might want to check it out. I hope he has a great birthday party next weekend! :party:

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