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Edmond is heeere!


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We went to pick up Edmond today. Had to wait in the airport from about 12:30 to sometime around 3. He was so frightened at first, he was shaking like a banshee, but after we got him into the car and held him and got him used to us he was such a little sweety. My dad totally fell in love with him the minute he cought sight of him. So did I, of course, and my mom and sister. My brother is a butthead though and was mad about it, but there's nothing he can do. Hehe.

Hm...I think he's dreaming right now. Twitching in his sleep.

It was so cute seeing him run around the kitchen.

Ah! He's sticking his tongue out at me...in his sleep. Haha. Such a cutey...

Anyway, here are some picture's I took a little while ago. ^_^

Picture one , Picture two , Picture three , Picture four , Picture five , Picture six , Picture seven , Picture eight

Hehe. Sorry, lot of pictures. ^_^'

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Alright! I was hoping his airplane ride wouldn't be too traumatic. I'm glad he finally made it home. Thanks for the pix...he's a real cutie. :D

Tara, Olie and Teddy's Mom

Max and Nelly

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Edmond is a cutie, :halo: he reminds me of Tuff when I first got him.

How are your other pets adapting? I noticed a large cat and your big dog. One of my big dogs didn't like the pups at first but after she got use to them she has learned to tolerate them, the other big dog took over as mom instantly and grooms them still every time they go outside to play.

Well enjoy him, he will bring you lots of joy.


P.S. "My brother is a butthead" that made me laugh :D All brothers are buttheads ;)

Tuff & Tippy

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Hey! Thanks everyone. ^_^

Edmond is a little sweetheart.

Except he likes to chew on my socks....while they're on my feet. o_O Kinda hurts because his teeth are sharp. Chews on my hands too. Need's more chew toys so he'll stay away from my hands and feet. And my dad's socks, and shoes, and my moms shoes, and my shoes, and my sisters shoes...chewy little fellow.

And right now he is MENTAL! :twisted: Haha. Nah, he's just hyper. You should see him! He's running around like a mad man!..er...puppy. I hope he tires out soon, I have to go to bed. Wow. He is incredibly hyper... :huh:

Soooo cute though!

I've been working on the Sit command with him, and he seems to be doing quite well with it.

Tell ya what though, either I'm catching a cold, or I'm just really sore from running around after him all the time and crawling on the floor.

Ah, I'm exausted. I gotta go to bed. Thanks again everyone! ^.^


But fiiirst...

How are your other pets adapting? I noticed a large cat and your big dog.

Ah yes, the cat is Blue, and the dog is Bear. I have other cats also.

Edmond likes to chase them. They hiss and run upstairs or jump up high when he does that. I think they're jealous too.

He ADORES Bear, he's always jumping all over him. Bear is quite old, so he doesn't do much about it except grunt at him a little annoyed. I think he too is jealous.

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Edmond is such a cutie! I'm sure you're having a ton of fun with him! Thanks for sharing all the sweet pictures of him!

Curious to know why you chose the name Edmond. It happens a town (same spelling as your Cairn) in Oklahoma that I'm familiar with. I thought if we ever got a pal for Darcy and it happened to be a boy I would name him Edmond.

Enjoy your sweet new boy! Can't wait to see pictures as he grows!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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I chose the name Edmond because I wanted a semi-fancy but not too much name that I can still shorten if I had to. Like, I was thinking about the name Vincent, but I'm not real fond of "Vinnie", and I have a tendancy to put the E sound at the end of my pet's names, (Not sure why...) and so my sister was talking about The Count of Monte Cristo and the characters name is Edmond. And I like Eddie, and Edmond, and so after countless names I finally found one I liked. :-D

Oh yeah, said brother now loves him and thinks he's "Too cute" He likes how it looks like he has a moustache and beard. Haha.

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