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Cairn leaves a "present" at Westminster


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I was at the Westminster Dog Show to see the cairn judging at noon on Monday. Just as it was starting, one of the little devils decided to take a poop in the ring. Without blinking an eye, so to speak, he calmly did his business in front of 1,000 people, some armed with binoculars! Of course, this got a good laugh from all of us. The start of the event was slightly postponed while everyone stood around and waited for the cleanup in Ring 6!

I'm surprised that nobody else commented on ths; perhaps this is not unusual at a show where their are 2,500 dogs, but for me, it was really amusing to this "spontaneous event" in a setting where the events are strictly controlled.

As someone sitting near me said with amusement: "Leave it to a Cairn" (LOL).

P.S. Does this cause a dog to lose points?


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Hi Sanford,

I have been waiting for you to post. Did you enjoy the show?

That poop episode was caught on the streaming video! You see him start to squat and the camera cuts away fast! That happens a lot in the ring and I have never heard of any judge deducting points for it. Hey when you gotta go, you gotta go!!

Hope you had a nice time. It is an incredible experience!


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I guess they didn't want a 'steaming' video.

One year one of the German Pointers (I can't recall if was the wire or the short-haired) took a dump right on on national tv, at exactly the moment before doing the down-and-back. Not much you can do but try to put a good face on. It does allow the judge more time to admire your exhibit :P

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I saw one of the Westies take a long pee on the video and wondered the same things myself.

I noticed during Best In Show a couple of dogs slipped, and wondered about the carpet and dampness.




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I saw that on the video & thought it was pretty funny, but wondered if it would count against it. Did you enjoy the show? I would love to go sometime...

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I saw one of the Westies take a long pee on the video and wondered the same things myself.


Interesting thought - I'm a novice (actually less than) on the entire subject of showing. Although, when I was at the Montgomery show there was a Cairn in the final round who was showing signs of wanting to "go" - in short, the handler was distracting him from doing so - and the judge recommended that nature take it's course. Since the ring was full of mud from a down pour - ...........a few more drops didn't hender the condition of the ring. Of course it wasn't the Garden. If Rusty wanted to go - I can assure you he would.

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I didn't see it happen, but I DID wonder how they kept the floors so CLEAN when so many dogs were prancing around!

I wonder how much you get paid to be on "poo control"? LOl!

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