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Guest posting as: ladybroc

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Guest Darcy's Mom

Widget is a cutie! Beautiful face and coloring.

BTW Brad, you practically just told us your age...same as mine. Cuz I watched the same cartoons as a kid.

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Muugi, you take good pictures.

Thank you. Although, I take a lot of shots in order to get one where he is not blurred and its not just a picture of his butt. Come summer time it will be brighter outside and it will be easier to take pictures of the little one.

For an update,

He is doing great. He gets along great with the black lab. He has learned to go to the back door when he needs to go potty. He does not give us much time to react. But, if we are paying attention we can get him out. He still is not to be trusted outside. He is fairly good about digging but he still needs attention to direct his digging aspirations to an appropriate area.

I am still rolling his coat once a week. I spend about 15 minutes pulling out a small portion of his longest coat all over. I also use the dremel to trim his nails once a week. The hardest part is the black lab (Sabrina) now gets her nails trimmed at the same time. Once she sees Widget go up on the table and the dremel starts, she runs off to hide somewhere in the house. She is getting better at it. I think it was hardest to train myself. The dogs just fall into place.

Widget has lost several teeth. He has not been too chewy lately just a bit tired it seems. I have been putting some of his kong toys in the freezer. He seems to like that.

I want to spend more time "training" him. I wanted to get him used to a bit of training (sit, stay, etc).

Anyway, for those that were interested.... there you go. Once I feel a bit better I will see if I can get some more pictures of him outside playing. I have a movie I took with the camera of him and sabrina running about the back yard. The service I usually use for storing my pictures (fotki.com) does not allow movies. Maybe I will put the movies up on a different location for people to see if they wish.

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Guest posting as: Ladybroc

Thanks for the Widget update. My "lost dog" post really paid off. We got both pictures and a written update. The only downside was Brad's "e-gads" when he thought Widget was REALLY lost.

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THanks for the laughs......I loved the movies!!!!! Scout use to chase Finch under the sofa....where the fit was great for Finch, but Scout was too big to get her.....Cairns...they are sooo smart!

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