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So, my DH says I am "a little" obsessed with my pup. Quite possibly he is correct. My DH works from home and I work three days a week outside the home, so basically, my pup is never, ever alone. I am constantly with him and always doing "fun stuff" on the remaining four days of the week (we have no children). Anyway, this week I thought my pup needed to hang out with some buddies - just for fun - on one of the days I had to work. I called my faithful puppy daycare provider (PDP) and brought Harry over there today for a "fun day". She called me later in the morning to tell me that she just had to share their morning. She was busy answering the phone in her office while watching all the dogs on the monitor. There was Harry (my pup) running up and down on the sofa of her puppy suite while Belle (her chocolate lab) chased after him. Apparently, Ringo (the shepherd) wanted in the act...so off he went after the other two - up and over. All the while poor Tye (the older yellow lab) just sat there in disgust and watched the three misfit clowns behaving so unruly. It just made me laugh. I know we all have different views on puppy daycare but my pup just loves other dogs so much and this is such a treat for him. Just thought I'd share in his fun day...

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Guest Darcy's Mom

Next time you take Harry for a day at Puppy Day Care, can I tag along? Sounds like alot of fun! Too bad there isn't any video of the three of them romping all over the place!! Dogs will be dogs.

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Cute! We are currently providing puppy day care for a friend who just moved to our area and hasn't built a fence or bought a crate yet. This puppy is an 80 pound Akita! It's always so interesting to see how size means nothing to my Lads...they're the top dogs no matter what. Oh, and of course the 80 pound pup buys into this. Cairns just have a way of running the show! :D

Enjoyed your story...keep us posted on the adventures of Harry!

Tara, Olie and Teddy's Mom

(P.s., we have a lot in common. My Dh works from home, and we don't have kids.)

Max and Nelly

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How fun for them. You have to set up a video next time Harry goes to PDP. It would be interesting to hear about his reaction of seeing and hearing himself at home on the video :lol:

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We need daycare! Remember the old days in school when you had recess and milk and cookies afterwards? That would make a day at the office more tolerable!

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Sounds like Harry had a great time!!! Wish I could find something like that around here!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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