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NYC Westminster Dog Show


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I got tickets for the New York City Westminster Dog Show next week. I'm going to see the Cairn competition. I understand that spectators can go to the grooming area and talk to breeders, etc. I'm looking forward to that. However, due to increased security this year, it might be off limits, but I'll hope for the best.

Reserved seats were sold out so I got general admission tickets, but the seating plan for Madison Square Garden doesn't show the ring where the cairn event will take place. I hope I'll be able to figure out where to sit when I get there. I'd hate to end up at the opposite end from where the cairns will be shown!

I've never been to this show before. If anyone has any pointers or advice on navigating my way through the show, I'd appreciate it.


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I was at the show last year and it was incredible! Just to stand on the floor of Madison Square Garden was an event! The general admin seats mean you sit anywhere in the green area. The higher seats were quite nice so you could watch all rings. The benched area where the dogs are kept was awful. It was too crowded and very hot. I felt so bad for the dogs! It was difficult to talk to people over the noise in the room. There are vendors around the perimeter of the room but it's grab your free sample and keep moving. There is a crush of people trying to move through the area. One woman was trying to write a check for a purchase and the crowd kept pushing her away from the booth! She had to hang on to the counter! If you want to talk to a breeder, best to get a card and call them after the show.

The judging was fabulous! To see all those beautiful dogs in the ring was fantastic! It was a very moving experience. My Emma's father and half-sister will be among the Cairns in the ring. Unfortunately we are cheering from home this year.

Have a wonderful time and report back to us next week!

Edit to add: You can watching the judging on the floor at the ring. Get there early to claim a spot. There are only a few chairs and the standing room goes quick. The ring numbers are posted on poles around the floor. Save your seats for later when your legs get tired from all the standing. Also, do buy a catalog so you know the dogs and breeders. There is a lot of great info in the book and it's a nice keepsake from the show. PM me if you need more info.

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