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Sophie has first play date


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Took Sophie over to a friend who also has a dog. It was her first play date. Both dogs did really well. Molly is a standard doxie mix and she was very gracious about introductions at her house. Sophie of course was just ballistic......see the dog...sniff the dog...

We laughed at them quite a bit. Molly wanted to play run, Sophie wanted to wrestle. She was so fast she could catch Molly before Molly could gain momentem.

I chuckled at the noises Sophie made. I can't imagine the rukus two Cairns would make if all of them make the array of growling, trilling , squeeky noises.

The only oddity....Sophie kept trying to mount Molly- what is that about....dominance. Sophie is spayed, Molly is not (and of course I gave another spay your pet speech, I doubt that part of my life will ever be over.)

All in all a good experience for her....and a puzzler for me.




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Yep, I agree, a dominance issue.

When our grandpuppy, a HUGE Airedale visits, Piper mounts him. Well, let's just say he t-r-y-s to mount him :P . It is truly hysterical watching a Cairn attempting that on such a big doggy!!! :whistle:


Cathy and Piper

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Poor Molly looked confused. Now I noticed Molly was very good at restricting Sophie's movements, and there was no way, Sophie was letting her near me. They were doing a body dance. The dog that was 'claiming' just kept presenting their side blocking the access. Sophie was getting frustrated, and then the mounting got started. We made her quit by distracting her.....biology before lunch



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