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The downside of having more than one


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Usually it's Elliott and Madison who play together but when tonight when Elliott grabbed his favorite ball, got into a position with butt up, ears erect, tail wagging and a deep teasing growl, I knew he wanted ME to play with him and I was so touched. But then along comes Madison with Winnie in the rear and they want in on the action.

How can I play with them one at a time without hurting anyones feelings or causing any jealousy?

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I can't play with just one.....the other always comes around the corner!! We just get on the floor together and have a ball.....or two!

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Yep...part of Olie's and Teddy's raison d'etre is the thrill of the competition!

Since they're so insistent/persistent, I don't think their feelings get hurt.

Tara, Olie and Teddy's Mom

Max and Nelly

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If I try to play with Dori first....Ellie plows in like it's the last play of a lifetime....so it's a group thing....no other way.

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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I guess it would be the same as playing w/ one child at a time, if you had more than one child. Cairns are so much like kids and demand our attention. I don't think they're feelings really get hurt, because they find a way to get what they want. :D They will insist on their way in play, and are hard to resist giving into. I really dont have a downside to having three. If I grab up one, I'm fortunate that the other two will usually start playing together, or continue sleeping. Kiara wants all of my attention in the yard to play fetch until my arm breaks. Abbey and Hannah play really good by themselves and will sneak a ball in for me to toss while Kiara is retrieving her toy. Kiara doesn't understand waiting her turn for a "toy toss." I've found that you cannot reason w/ a Cairn as to whose turn it is for mommy to toss the toy. :lol: Hannah is the worst inside and gets quite vocal if she's not getting enough attention, while Kiara and Abbey are more content to hang out together.

<img src=&quot;http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/maiwag/terriersiggy.jpg" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />

Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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