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We finally groomed Riley with a Mars Coat King (16). He looks funny right now. I didn't realize how skinny he is. How long will it take for him to grow some hair? I love my baby to death but I think he lost some of his "cuteness" when he lost all his hair:( Is this normal?

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We just had our Fergus stripped also. The groomer said she could have taken more but didn't. From what I've read, the coat grows back at different rates depending on the individual pup. However, experience with Fergus, tells me Riley will look a little more like your used to seeing, in a month or so!

Fergus :P & Alf

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That's what happened to us when we used the MCK on Scout! It took about a year for her hair to grow back. But..........we use it all the time on Finch and, I swear, it grows back overnight! I think it all depends on how fast each dogs hair grows.

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OK , here's my stupidity showing... I thought I was just to use the MCK between strippings? I was warned not to take to much hair off with the MCK inbetween strips. Can someone tell me whats what???

Am I suppose to remove all the hair with the MCK??? :huh:

abbyrose17lk.gifAbby Rose
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