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Intoducing a New Dog


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I have a female Cairn that is 14 mos old (Gracie). We are thinking of getting her a pal. It might be another Cairn or possibly a Westie or some other smaller dog. She has been socialized around several different dogs of all types and sizes and does very well.

Are there any rules thumb I should be aware of? Certain breeds better than others? Male or Female? Any suggestions would be very helpful


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My experience with "companions for companions" is that when it comes to Cairn Terriers.... Well let me say this, if you get another Cairn Terrier you know she/he will be able to keep up with your current Cairn! :) (May not be the case with other breeds...these little guys are strong-willed.)

As far as the socialization part, I think the usual rule-of-thumb applies. If you get a puppy as a pal to Gracie, the puppy must know that she comes first. It doesn't upset the puppy; they're fine with a hierarchical approach. So, as an example, ir you're handing out treats, Gracie comes before the puppy.

The first I time I had two Cairns (circa 1987) it wasn't planned. I can tell you that I quickly became sold after the delightful surprise I got in seeing what great company they are for one another, and have had two ever since.

Many times it is all too clear that there are some things nonhumans understand among themselves with like of kind that we humans just will never understand.

So there's that consideration as well. Besides, it's a barrel of fun!

Congratulations on your new family member, and welcome to the forum.

Tara, Olie and Teddy's Mom

(P.S. - if you got a boy puppy, you could name him George. ;) )

Max and Nelly

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First, I love the name Gracie! I wanted to name Madison (7 months) Gracie, but

DH thought it was to close to Grilly (4yrs)

Second, be cautious with your expectations. When we got Maddy I picture the two romping and frolicking all through the house. That is one of the main reasons we got her....a playmate for Grilly. Well, Maddy is a great addition to our home, BUT she is TOY obsessed. She really only wants to play with her Angel Cuz ball, and eat. It is kind of sad to see Grilly trying to play with her, and her just sitting and looking for the Angel Toy. I would def. get a second dog again, I would just limit my expectations.

;) These dogs definitely have minds of their own. That is one

of the reasons they are so great!


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Are you going to get another puppy, or will this addition be an adult dog?

I would wait until Gracie is about 2 years old before you adopt another puppy. Scout was two and she was ready for another playmate by this time. She had started to "settle" down...although do Cairns ever do that?? LOL!

Anywho, our breeder told us to introduce Scout to the new puppy slowly. For weeks before she came home, we called out Finch's name alot. Not sure is this worked, but at least she was use to the name. When we picked up Finch, we didn't take her straight home. We took her blanket home first! We rubbed Finch's face and bottom on the blanket and then let Scout sniff it. After about 20 min., we brought Scout to where Finch was (neighbors yard). We let them play and sniff each other for about an hour before we brought both of them inside our house. By this time Finch was tired so she went into her crate and we spent alot of time with Scout.

As was mentioned before, spend alot of time with the older one. Scout got fed first, petted first...things of this nature...Finch didn't have a clue....but I bet Scout did!

I have two females, almost exactly 2 years apart, who get along so well it's scary. They have never fought, never shown their teeth, never even growled at each other. Knock on wood...Finch isn't even 2 yet...lol!

Take your time and enjoy the time with Gracie.....they grow up so fast!

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hi Nick ~ we had a one year old Westie and then added a Cairn to the mix. I've been told that you should always get a dog that's less energetic than your first dog. I think it's also very important to make sure your first dog stays number one in the pack. We feed Barclay (our westie) first, he comes in and out of the house first and Daisy (our new Cairn) knows Barclay's position in the house and in the pack. Very important.

if you are looking for a second dog, how about rescuing a dog?? Believe me, they are so greatful for the love and food and shelter you can give them and instead of buying a dog, you could literally save a life. It's a good feeling and if you have the means to take care of another dog it the right thing to do.

p.s. ~ a westie and a cairn together are adorable!!!!

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