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Terms of Endearment?

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Our Cairn is a year and 5 months old and is quite a character...or at least that's what we think. We have certainly learned a lot on this site!!!

Anyhow, she has a few antics up her sleeve and we were wondering if any of your geniuses do the same...

Terms of Endearment?: Kyla, our Cairn, is very good in the house and has no need for a kennel. The door is always open for her but she doesn't use it and does not mess in the house. When we get home she races to the door and we bend down to give her a hug. She tends to do this flying leap into our arms and starts jumping to our chin. She doesn't bite but she tries to nibble on our chins...I wonder what a dog pychologist would say?

Eating Habits: Kyla is funny about her food. Sometimes she will eat it right away. Sometimes she waits till the end of the day without eating a thing...This we cannot understand. In any event, after she eats she comes over to us and we pet her...telling her out great she is and then she will look up at us and belch.... :whistle: This happens everytime without failure...Then she continues on with trying to, what appears to be...getting some food off the roof of her mouth. Although, we only feed her dry food??? Seems strange to us....

Also, we thought Cairns were not suppose to be lap dogs. Ours will sit on her lap at any chance she gets and loves to go under the covers and cuddle right next to us at night. When it gets late she goes over to her daddy nuzzles the covers, he lifts them and then she goes under. The 2 of them snuggle all night long. Very cute.

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Well Abe, and now Scruf always act like they have missed us terribly, even if you have just been gone for 5 minutes! We always laugh about that.

As far as snuggling go, they both LOVE it. Scruffy gets hot fast, so he tends to abandon fast, but Abe will cuddle and sleep with you like a cute little dog. They both will snuggle on the couch or on your lap. Sometimes, they are just not in the mood. This is pretty typical behavior from what knowledge I have gained.

As far as the belching........thats hilarious! Mine have never done that. They do flop all of the rug or my chair, as if cleaning themselves afterward though.

Welcome to the site, look forward to hearing more from you and seeing your dogs.

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Well Ellie eats her food like a starving hyena, and then belches! Dori litteraly pokes at hers with her nose, and keeps trying to dump it over...not sure what's up with that. She takes forever to eat, walks away, only going back when ellie shows interest in it.

Ellie takes her chewies and hides them (well she thinks she does) She'll take them and try stuffing them between me and the arm of the chair, it's so funny to watch her.

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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I have never heard Scout (3) belch, but Finch (1) does it all the time....and loud!

When my DH and I are out of the house together, when we come home we take the dogs right out (potty break) Usually my DH stays outside and I open the door to let them out and then head inside. Lately, Finch won't go outside! She will run out the door, quickly turn around to see me, and then she heads back inside the house! She will do this several times before I give up and take them out myself. Anyone have a dog this attached?? Most of the time it's endearing, but sometimes it's a pain!

Both of mine were sniffing at their food when I put it out. Sometimes they would eat, sometimes it would sit for hours. I started putting a little less in their bowls and now they eat right away. Not sure if this is right, but they seem fine with it.

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