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Meeting a Dog for the 1st Time!


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Okay my little one is reaching another milestone tonight - meeting a dog for the first time!!!! (well apart from her brothers and sisters when she was born) She had her "main shot" last week so is now allowed to play with fully vac. dogs in their own backyards - no walkies yet until her next injection due to parvo outbreak....just to be on the safe side....

Anyway going to the in-laws for tea, and Bella is going to come and play with Kia - a jack russell.

Thought seeing as Bella is small herself we would start her off with a small dog....and see how she goes!!!

Kia loves to play and loves other dogs - so she seems like the perfect one for Bella to lose her "virginity" to!!

Anyone got any tips for when dogs meet for the first time?

I am a bit nervous about it!!!! Why do us doggy mums gets so nervous!!!!

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My pup had his first meeting with his "cousins" (my sisters three dogs). I knew all her dogs were vaccinated so Harry met Onzlo (the Boston Terrier mix), Watson (the German Shepherd) and Nigel (the huge Husky) when he was just eleven weeks old. I introduced him to each individual dog, one by one, at my sister's home and outside (not inside yet). I swear my sister's dogs accepted (and now love) my pup because they know and loved me. My sister brought out each dog individually and held them as I held my tiny little pup. We both spoke in soothing but upbeat and happy tones (kinda like, "Hey, here is your cousin. You're gonna love him. This is cool.") Once the smelling began and the tails started wagging...we knew. Next, we brought them all in and allowed, one by one, to play with my little dog (while two waited in another room). We supervised them very carefully (especially because two of the dogs are so large). We could see how gentle they were all being. I think they knew my dog was just a baby. Pretty soon there were four dogs running around and playing. My sister's three all following mine. Mine LOVED it. I have to say it's much easier now because my pup is now nine months old and much bigger then he was at eleven weeks. He sure can hold his own and the four of them are absolutely "in love" with each other. It's so much fun to watch them (especially with the big dogs) chase each other and have a blast!! You will never be sorry for socializing your pup with other reliable, good dogs. I hope tonight goes well!

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thanks lisa for the tips!! I shall do them tonight

i want her to like other dogs as a lot of our friends have dogs and it would be great if they all got along.

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I read this too late to give any advise but wanted to check in and see how things went last night!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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hey there

things went really well last night!! I was a bit of a nervous wreck at some times but all was good.

We started with us holding Bella & OH's parents holding their dog , Kia. We were talking all excited and letting them sniff each other out. That went well and both dogs were wagging their tails.

So we put them on the ground to see what would happen.....and they just sniffed each other out and walked around with each other. Bella got a bit excited and did her "happy" widdle everywhere!!! :P

They followed each other around for a bit and then Kia got bored and went and sat on her lounge chair!! Poor Bella started doing her little sooky la la sounds as she wanted to play!! :lol:

Anyway Kia got down and Bella started doing her Play with me pose and pouncing around the place. Was so cute to watch!!!

I am glad that she has met her first dog and all went well!!! Phew....I had a drink after all of that!

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So glad to hear things went well. Tomorrow, mine will go to puppy daycare (as my dh and I are going skiing for the day). Harry likes it there because there are a lot of nice dogs to play with. Tomorrow he meets a new pup to the daycare. A 6 month old Bernese mountain dog. WOW!! The daycare lady knows that they will probably get along great but she will have to watch the 6 month old. He is sooooo big already. He's probably too young to realize his size. Neither of us want any unfortunate accidents.

Again, glad about Bella. It's such a great feeling when you know your pup is well socialized and can enjpy the company of other fur buddies. That's great!

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