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Giving in


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What rules have you let "slide" with your Cairn?

When we got our new sofa, I did NOT want any dogs on it. I wanted one piece of funiture with no fur on it....they could use the den sofa, the spare room futton but not my new couch.

Well, it was hard when I'd be lying on it and Elliott wanted to cuddle with me. Then of course I couldn't say no to Maddy when Elliott was up there and then poor, old Winnie....well, I now allow it but they will not dig in it! :whistle:

Then the rule was no dogs on the bed....yep, they occassionally sleep there with me. :confused:

And the treat rule...certain bones were to be chewed outside only....gave it to that one too.

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When we first got Liddy my mom said "We'll keep her in the kitchen. I don't want pet hair all over the furniture."

That didn't last long.

Then she learned to jump on one of the chairs so it became "her" chair and my mom said "Well, maybe just that chair."

Pretty soon she was all over all the furniture in the family room but she was NOT allowed in the living room.

Wouldn't you know it now Liddy likes to go in to the living room to sun herself?

She's just so cute we can't say no.

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Oh yes Kay...your topic hits home, big time. We too, were determined that Fergus would not be allowed on the couches and chairs. That rule disappeared a scant few weeks after Fergus came to live with us.

The " no doggie sleeping on the bed" rule was kept quite well.....until this past Friday. I was out of town that night and dear wife felt sorry that Fergus was the only one, of our three, not invited to her pet "sleepover". The invitation was offered and waggingly accepted by Fergus. Sounds like the beginning of the end of that rule too! :confused: Weak as water, we are!!!!

Fergus :P & Alf

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No dogs in the bed rule broken here as well.... It was more of my DH's rule than mine but as soon as she was potty trained, he gave in. Nothing like waking up to find a cold wet nose on your pillow!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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