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stray in my life

Alice Cooper

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hi everyone. i'm a redneck from tennessee, i found this site while trying to determine what type of dog is now sleeping with me everynight.I do now believe it is a cairn terrier!when I was gainfully employed,i came in from work one night about 7 years ago about 11 p.m. it was dark, and the back deck light was not working, as usual.as i stepped up on the deck, a vicious growl came out of the dark, and i immediately pulled my .38 revolver, loking for this giant rabid hound.what i finally found was a sad looking black ball of wire,with big bright eyes and matted fur.absentmindedly, i pitched a hotdog to this ball, and it was swallowed whole! amazing!to make a long story short, this vagabond not only stayed here, she has now wormed her way not only into the house, but into being the most loved, pampered, petted and worried over thing here.she has the ugliest coat ever seen on a creature,with some fur actually seeming to grow backwards towards her head.i dunno if it's proper or not, but i shaved her coat really short, except the top of her head, now she looks like don king.one of my friends commented"if that dog ever sees what you done to her, she's gonna be real mad".she gets a bath with conditioner,so mostly her top knot is pretty (to me) but the vets always laugh when i bring her in.I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001,in fact i just came out of a coma the morning of 9-11, and the first thing i saw was the second plane hit the twin towers.haven't worked since, so the "snipper-doodle" and I spend everyday together.my wife says she was sent here to help me thru my ordeal, and i halfway believe it.this little animal is the most loved, best behaved,just the best dang dog this redneck has ever dealt with. if the majority of cairns are like this one,then i know why you all love yours.I truly love mine.

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We would love to see a picture of her, topknot and all!! Animals have a way of finding us when we need them most...bless you :halo: for taking her in and making her a part of your family. Merry, Merry Christmas!

P.S. What's her name?

Finnegan's Mum

Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. - Mark Twain

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her name is snipper doodle, i dunno why, it just came out one day...don't even know what it means..she photographs poorly, no matter what camera i try, she comes thru as a black mass , sometimes with eyes!I couldn't sleep, as usual, but the doodle is in my spot, covered up with a sleeping bag right now..we always plan our shopping trips around her, making sure we don't leave her alone too long.i often wonder where she came from, and i'm always reminding her how lucky she was to come here, and not be out in the cold like other dogs...but we all know who the real lucky ones are here!

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Well, from your description if may be a Cairn or a mix or just some other type of terrier that is lucky enough to have found a loving owner.

Your story touched my heart. People like you should rule the earth.... .38's and all. :lol:

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Well that was a terrific start to my morning, reading that amazing story! I absolutely believe that things happen for a reason and I think Miss Doodle was sent from someone special. The love she has for you and you for her is tremendous. I absolutely love her name BTW. Welcome to our family here and I hope you'll stay and post with us.

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A.C. your story cracked me up and touched me at the same time! My two cairns are from Caryville TN!!!! One named Ellie Mae for obvious reasons!

How lucky for your little baby that she found you, I love that! They say dogs sense illness in people, i truly believe that, i'm sure she keeps you going, bless your hearts.

I know what you mean about taking photos of the dark ones, my Dori is a dark one and is real tough to photograph....although I sure keep trying!!!

Good luck to you guys and please try to show us a shot of SD!!

BTW, I have a glock! :lol:

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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