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Question about a dog product...


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Without naming any specific brands (not wanting to violate any rules here) I was wondering about the "dog waste septic systems" that are out there and avaiable.

I live in Minnesota, so it would only be used between April/May and October/November.

Anyone have any positive or negative experiences / opinions on these types of products?

Thanks in advance.


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I assume you are talking about the dog "waste systems" that are in the ground and are supposed to act like little septic tanks. If that's the case, I have never heard a single good word about them. The words I have heard about them are too disgusting to think about so soon after my breakfast.

My dogs' solid waste gets put inside a plastic bag and then inside the bag with my regular garbage. If you cannot do that, the next best thing to do is to flush it down the toilet.


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We have one and we love it! It's in the ground and you step on the little door and drop your "goodies" inside. You have to keep adding water and once a week it must be warm water mixed with the enzyme. We haven't had any problems with ours. I wouldn't want to stick my head in there!!! If you keep it wet, it's works great and lessens the smell when you open the door. Right now ours is under a couple inches of snow and I miss being able to use it. I do keep adding doo-doo to it during the winter and then in Spring I add quite a bit of enzyme and water to break it all down. We are going on 4 years with ours. PM me if you want more info or brand details.

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