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Snow Dog


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A few more photos of Fergus enjoying the snow!

What's that sound????


I know I left that ball by one of these trees......before the snow.


Look out Dad...here I come!


Muskox....or cairn?


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That looks like sooo much fun! We only get snow here a few times a year, but Scout and Finch love it!

Kay, Scout loves the snow, but when it dips into the 20's I have to put booties on her feet or she sits in the snow and cries.

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Maggies love the snow!...she does get cold but is pretty stubborn to stay out there! ...here are a few action shots! - I envy those that can get their dog to sit still!haha! ...she loves to dig and push her face into the snow...she jumps around in the deep stuff like a rabbit...too funny!


maggie jumping at the snow ball in my hand...this one was tricky to shoot! she's about 2' in the air...


a cairn in motion


taking time to relax, just for a second


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Too cute! I was just out with the girls, had my slippers on walking them in the ice packed driveway, I looked like Cesar Milan with his roller blades on!!!! LOL That was fun!

Now if i could just get ellie to pee instead of just standing out there eating snow.....I've warned her not to eat the yellow snow! :sick:

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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