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Really Santa, I've been good!


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I just had to share this photo of Gracie...her I am so cute don't you love me face. Sometimes this face is the only thing that saves her. I have so much trouble getting mad at her when she does it! :wub:


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I can fully understand what you are going through we have 2 little devils that know how to milk a innocent look to no end. I just cannot resist those big brown eyes. Come to think of it I believe that is why my furless children get away with what they do as well .

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When God put Cairns on this earth he must have said to Himself...."I know these guys are going to be devils so I just must make them cuter than any other breed."

I wouldn't be surprised if even Noah had his hands full on the ark with his 2 Cairns! :lol:

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Gracie is beautiful and certainly has the look of innocence. I know that look well. It usually shows up after a long period of quiet...just before you discover why it's been quiet for so long :whistle:

Fergus :P & Alf

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