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playing in the snow


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We got about 8 inches of snow on Friday.

DH was in Lisbon, Portugal .... so guess who got to shovel?

Well, after I shoveled the doggies had fun playing in the snow!

I have taken Grilly to agillty training but I was still stunned when

he jumped up onto the "seat wall" on our patio! It was amazing!


It is pretty tall....and he jumped from a sit. :shock:

Madison liked the snow....she hopped around like a little bunny.!


I love these babies! Aren't Cairns the best thing God ever created!!!!!!


:whistle: I am such a proud mommy!!!


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Everyday I tell my DH, I can always count on Kai-lee to give me at least one good like a day, actually it's always more than one...and the great thing is she's not even trying to be funny!!!!! They are truly a joy!

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Great pictures...I just love Grilly and Madison. Wish we lived closer so Madison and Elliott could get to know each other. Oh let the fun then begin! :lol:

I tried to take some shots Friday when we got a foot of snow here but they were just too fast to get a decent picture. One was of Elliott's butt, another of Maddy's ear. I had set up our agility tunnel on the deck to run from the back door to the stairs so they wouldn't have to trudge through the snow. It worked out great except for my poor Winnie.


Here's Elliott wanting IN!!!


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oh....how I love that Elliott!

I think Madison and Winnie are adorable too!

I am afraid to think what would happen if we lived closer!

I might end up with 5 dogs! ;)

When we were house hunting last year I

fell in love with Darien, CT. We came very close

to buying something there, but dh wanted a "newer"

house. He doesn't appreciate the charm aspect of houses.

boo to him!


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Great pictures!!! We had more ice than snow the other day but that didn't stop Scully a bit. I really like that picture of Elliott...he looks like "I've had enough of this junk Mom, lemme in!"

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Great photos! Love how they look so happy playing! Alfie also hops around on the snow. He came across a bunny's footprints, sniffed them, and growled and barked like the bunny was still there!

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:crybaby: I'm living in the wrong state! I would love to see mine in the snow again. Well, at least two of mine enjoyed the snow last year when we were in N.C. Abbey hated it and was scared to walk in it. She'd be the one begging to come back in. Kiara and Hannah would love it and hop right through it in hunting mode.

Great pictures! Such happy looking Cairns enjoying the snow. Except for Elliot, :) that would be how my Abbey would be.

Please keep sending the snow pictures! I miss living in the north. My dh and dd are fine w/o snow, but I feel like my Cairns are missing out. :(

<img src=&quot;http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/maiwag/terriersiggy.jpg" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />

Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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It finally snowed here yesterday! Fergus had to discover it all over again. He was only a tiny puppy the last time he played in it.




Fergus :P & Alf

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Guest darcysmom

To those of you lucky people who have snow I say I'm so envious. Here in Alabama, you kinda know we aren't even gonna get anything except rain, rain, rain.

The pics are great and Alf, Fergus looks like he wants to attack it, not knowing exactly what it is. Great pics, cute pups all.

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