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Male or Female Cairn


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Hey guys! Great Forum. Very very informative. I had to have my dog put to sleep about 5 months ago :( . I wasnt sure if I wanted another dog due to the fact that it was sooo hard to have her put to sleep. But now, I think enough time has passed and I am ready to get a new pal.

Which brings me to my question; What are your opinions on Male and Female Cairns. Are there any major differences between the two - temperment wise? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

I can't wait to get my new Puppy and post all kinds of questions and photos!!!



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I know what it's like having to put a dog that's such a part of your life to sleep. My family had to do this with a dog I grew up with and had for over 20 years. This was several years ago but I do remember :(

As for what gender to get, that's really up to you and what you are looking for. Saidi is my first and only Cairn so I'm no expert. I read somewhere that the female Cairn is more assertive and harder to train. Not sure if this is true but can say that my Saidi is very headstrong and wants things her way. She will give in to authority but only after testing us till our patients are at there limit. Keep in mind that this "testing" is a constant thing she does. It's not absolutely all the time, but when the mood strikes her she will see just how far she can go! I have no problem with this but my DW does. Probably because she and Saidi are so much alike :D Now I'm not trying to scare you off of female Cairns, I would not trade Saidi for any other dog (or human for that matter) because she is very loyal and loving to my DW, DD and especially me. My DD thinks it's funny how protective Saidi is of me. She will start play hitting me while sitting on the couch and in a flash Saidi will jump between us showing my DD some ferocious teeth! Now on the other hand Saidi is still one of the girls. When either my DW or DD tells Saidi to get me and then starts chasing me, Saidi will join right in. She even knows how to work with them as a team to catch me. We have two openings to the kitchen and when someone chases me through one doorway Saidi will guard the other to make sure I don

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This topic has come up before. From what I've read on this site, I conclude that there are some general differences in male/female traits, but it often seems to come down to the individual Cairn.


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I two females and a male. They all have totally different dispositions and personalities.

My male, Elliott, is extremely cuddly and affectionate but he's also very bossy, jealous and thinks he's the alpha always.

My older female, Winnie is very laid back...you can do whatever you want with her and she'll let you. Even as a puppy she was very easy to train and live with.

The other female, Madison is quite hyper, gets nervous easily and although she loves to be petted, she's not one who'll sit on your lap like Elliott does. She is my hunter...the one who can spot a cat 1/4 mile away!

I think your best course of action is to find a reputable breeder and spend time with the puppies before you chose one. Sometimes a breeder can tell very early on what kind of disposition a certain pup will have just by the way he/she interacts with littermates.

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Guest rottndobie

Can't really answer your question since I only have 1 and it's a male. I have had females and males of other breeds (mostly Dobes) and can say that the males tend to be more goofy, loving, and generally fun to have around. Not sure if this applies to Cairns or not. I do prefer males over females - love the more gutsy temperaments they have.

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1 female and 1 male here. The male is definately a more cuddly type of dog here. Female is independent, but as mentioned above she'll take any type of teasing and just plays back. Male likes to sit and cuddle.

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