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barking at a chimpanzee`


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Last night on Leno he was previewing some interesting and unique Christmas presents. He showed this talking chimpanzee (talks in monkey talk). I thought Gracie was going to go through the television to attack the stupid thing. I am so glad she is a watch dog, but this is ridiculous!

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We're at Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World right now, and a lot of the campsite are all decked out for christmas. Well the ones with the blowup's of snowmen and mickeys etc, the dogs go nuts when we walk by them, it's really funny. In our neighboorhood there is a snowman that kicks into action, talking and moving when you walk by, Dori went bullistic!!!! She does not like Frosty one darn bit!!!!! LOL

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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I bought Bosco one of those "The Dog" stuffed dogs - those are the ones with the exaggerated large heads and tiny bodies. Well this one had a barking voicebox, and boy did Bosco hate it. He was barking like crazy at the toy and I tried to take it away to no avail. Bosco systematically tore the toy apart - all the limbs, the stuffing, the voicebox. Took him 30 minutes, and he wouldn't let me take it away. Needless to say we do not buy toys that bark, quack or moo at him. :D

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Our funny Cairns...

The people across the street from us put up one of those giant blowup snowmen and my crew hate him...you'd think from the barking that it was attacking them. I'm seriously having doubts about this weekends pictures with Santa. I may get coal in my stocking just for having them! :lol:

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