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Puppy Mill


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Liz, thanks for posting that link. It's a subject near and dear to my heart since Belle is a rescued puppy mill breeder mommy. I'm glad there is increased media coverage of this problem, although there are currently laws and regulations that aren't being enforced that would also apply. Bottom line, people please don't buy puppies from pet stores. Think of the adult "breeding stock" left behind in the deplorable conditions that will be bred again and again to supply the brokers and stores.

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What an interesting article, thank you so much for posting it.

I am horrified by these puppy mills that I've been learning so much about. I guess I've been ignorant to the fact that they are so bad. I bought my puppy from a breeder that breeds once a year, and the puppies are raised in their home along with their child. :wub: So, I was comfortable with the puppy being well socialized. Obviously, there needs to be more attention to this epidemic. Pet store puppies have always been a turn off to me, because of the fact that they usually always look "so cute in the window", but there's no 'background' in how the puppy is socialized. I'll definately be following the outcome of the PAWS laws.


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