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Ready or Not to strip?


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I have searched the forum extensively, I understand stripping, I understand using the Mars Coat King, etc., my question is simply this: my Alfred is now 7 months old, his coat is quite thick, bearish looking, getting wavy etc., but still VERY firmly attached to his hide! Nothing wants to come off of him. He doesn't shed, when he's brushed barely anything comes off onto the brush, when he's bathed (which he's only had 2 baths, one of which was tonight) nothing comes off this dog! I've tried the rubber finger trick and downright hurt the little guy, he yelped 'cause that hair is still so firmly in there. His hair seems pretty healthy too for a "dry coat" dog, very shiney, full of sheen.

For winter I suppose the extra hair isn't too bad for him, but when exactly do I determine when the hair is "blown" and ready to come out? will it just start loosening and he'll start to shed, thats my cue, Or, do I get aggressive at some point and use a Mars stripper and just start going to town?

Sorry to bring up the same old topic again, but I'm really confused :huh:


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If you pull only a couple hairs at a time, does it come out? It seems that when it's ready, it pulls out without much trouble at all. Another thing you can do is look at a hair right at the follicle. If the hair is kind of clear/gray/dead looking at the base, it can come out, no matter how shiny and wonderful it is at the tip. Another way is to 'fan' a small bunch of hair and try to pull only a few of the very longest. If nothing wants to come out, just check once a week for a while. Sooner or later, some will.

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Okay. After quickly reading your post I tried the fanning and looking at his hair down to the follicle - it is nicely blonde/wheaten all the way down the shaft into the follicle, so I guess it's still healthy hair? Single-strand plucking results in his whimpering, it is still IN THERE!!

I guess he's just a "slow grower" of hair!! I'll just keep him brushed and see what develops in the next couple of months.


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I am so glad you asked that question. My Zen is also 7 months and Wheaton in color. It is really hard to get loose hairs from this guy. We comb, brush, pull,

etc. and not much happens. I feel, as you do, maybe he is just a 'slow fur grower'.

I have decided that when he is ready for stripping we will just know it. Until then "STOP PLUCKING". :P

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