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Airplane travel with bonus picture!


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I know this has been covered a few times before, but my specific question seems to have only been hit on by 1 person, so curious if anybody else on the board has experience with it. My wife and I would like to bring Tiki Bob with us to her sisters wedding in February, but I'm a little worried about bringing him on the plane with us. We'd never put him in the cargo thing, so he'd have to ride in the cabin with us, which normally isn't a huge problem besides the fact they rob you with the fees for it, except Tiki Bob is one of those "special" larger than average Cairns. He's about 18 pounds at this point, and since he's 11 month old, he could maybe still get a tad larger. Does anybody have any experience bringing a larger cairn on a plane? I think I'd have to try and fit him in a sherpa bag, and I'd have to get a large one to have any chance of him fitting in it, and I'm worried it may be too big for carry-on? Also I know some airlines technically have a rule of like 20lbs for a dog including bag, and worried w/ bag he'd be slightly more than that...So like I said, just curious if anybody has any experiences traveling w/ larger cairns, and could share those and any tips they might have?

Thanks :)

Oh, and as promised here is a picture of Tiki Bob since I haven't posted one in a long long time :)


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Given2Fly, CUTE!! I just love the picture!! I checked out Tiki Bob's site and he's adorable, he looks just like my 3 month Rocko. He looks black in the picture, has he changed colors much? Mine was black brindle when I got him, but now the undercoat looks pretty light. Just wondering... :)

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I have not Traveled with my Dash yet, but had to comment. Tiki Bob is a DOLL! Just Adorable! I loved the photos playing with the Cat. Too priceless. Thanks for sharing.


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I think it can be done and this is not a very helpful answer because ... it all depends. You might get a gate or ticket agent that interprets the rule that the dog must be able to stand and turn around to mean without touching anything! Preposterous - they don't give ME that much room. We've not had anyone question us but I know at least one person who got some flack on a Delta flight. The owner had to escalate to management but the bottom line was the dog came OUT in the bag and the dog was going HOME in the bag.

We flew with a dog that was 18lbs and he's normally a great traveler but this trip it was VERY hot, we were in the loudest part of the plane, we were going from PHL to PDX, and he got quite hot in the bag since he filled it up pretty much and of course you can't let them out on board - it didn't help that we were delayed departing and sitting there on the ground with the engines run up but no airconditioning for a long long time. I fed him little molecules of cheese every few minutes across most of the country to keep him quiet but eventually ran out of string cheese. A flight attendent gave me some ice cubes and that worked for a while too. But he was very unhappy and it was an stressful trip for us too. I know plenty of similiar-sized dogs that have had uneventful trips. I would personally guess that much over 18 lbs is likely to be pushing it. Our experience on average has been they just snooze the trip away since there's nothing else to do. As a precaution in the future, I plan to pack an entire package of string cheese. I'll deal with the constipation later :P

Again, sorry this isn't a yes/no helpful type answer.

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Given2fly. hope our experience can be of some help. We used to fly Allie all of the time from Minnesota to California to visit my mother-in-law (who unfortunately is no longer with us). I used one of those soft sided bags, airline-approved, and she certainly could only stand in it -- not turn around without some trouble. She got used to it, and she didn't seem to mind.

The airlines require a vet certification so, while visiting the vet, we got some doggie tranquilizers. They didn't knock Allie out, but they made her a little goofy and cuddly -- just slowed her down. One given about a half hour before the plane took off seemed to last through the flight. If there was enough room and we were on an aisle, we would lift the carrier into our lap after takeoff and reach in to pet Allie once in a while or to offer little treats. We also asked for water and gave her ice cubes so she wouldn't be thirsty -- but not enough to make her want to pee. We didn't take her out of her carrier, but we paid lots of attention to her and petted her while she was in it. She also slept in the carrier at our feet, and seemed quite content.

I would never put a dog in the cargo area because if you are flying into (or out of) an area where the temperature is below freezing (and I'm not certain where the exact temperature cut-off is), the airlines will NOT put the dog on the plane. That could cause all sorts of problems in February.

Northwest said the dog and carrier had to be under 15 pounds but Allie and her carrier weighed a little over 20. No one ever asked us what the luggage weighed, and we made sure we checked our other luggage and only carried on the dog, a purse, a camera and two paperbacks between us. I think part of the strategy is not to look abusive of the rules. Most people carry on lots more than your dog, and try to stuff it underneath, and over, and everywhere else!

I loved taking my dog with me to California, and have many great memories of taking walks on the beach at Carmel and Monterey. I think the price of flying Allie got up to about $75 each way, but I thought it was still cheaper and nicer than a kennel. I usually went for a week or two, though, and might have thought twice if I were going for only a day or two.

Good luck with your trip!

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Hellllloooo, Tiki Bob!! It has been awhile since we've see you!!

About the trip....I think I would definitely question the airlines in depth before you make your decision. I would hate to see you get all the way to the airport, all set to go and then have them say 'no way'.

I am definitely interested in the outcome as we have a 19lb Piper. I don't even know if he'd fit in one of those bags!

Cathy and Piper

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I would also love to know the outcome, we would love for Kai-lee to fly with us but hate the thought of putting her in the "cargo" area, I just don't think we can do that.

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Grilly has flown several times. He weighs about 16 pounds.

I would get all the info from the airline in print. They will also

give you a reservation number for the pup. I am always shocked

by the prices they charge :mad: We were looking into flying to Syracuse

for Christmas , our tickets (human) would be $218 RT. The doggies tickets

would be $160 RT. Jeeezzz! My DH says it is a deterent, I don't understand

they just sit where are feet would go! If you do the math....the seat itself

is only worth $58 and the feet portion is $160?????? Silly airlines!

oh..and book early. The airlines only allow a certain number of pets

per cabin. never used meds and Grilly did just fine. I also flew Maddy home

from the breeder. The attendants let me take her out of her bag.....but she was

only 5 pounds and had already won the hearts of everyone flying. She had six people

take her pic at the airport :wub:

Have fun and be prepared....get EVERYTHING in writing!

be well


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