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Christmas Tree Water


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Dang it, the pup's water bowl is not 10 feet from the Christmas tree but they like to drink out of the tree stand. :lol:

At least they havent toppled the tree yet!

Anybody else having to wriggle under the tree and refill the thing more often because of Cairns? Sheesh!

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Guest rottndobie

Try not to let them. I read some years back where the tree puts something into the water and it could be toxic. It was said originally in relation to cats drinking the water from the tree. However, IMO what is good for the cat is good for the dog.

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Thanks rottndobie, I Googled "Christmas Tree" with pets and toxic and found this:

"Always have a sufficient amount of fresh water for your pet. Never let your pet drink Christmas tree water. It could contain fertilizers that make the water toxic for animals. Stagnant tree water is also a breeding ground for bacteria."

Hmmm, to be on the safe side I will block the water with the tree skirt or something.

Also, everybody, beware of toxic poinsettias and mistletoe, leftover alchoholic drinks doggie can get to (from a party guest) and of course, candies, ornaments, ribbons and such that doggies can ingest. Have a safe holiday!

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Tip for the tree - we get a square of hardware cloth (a wire mesh) and cut a hole in the middle and a slit so that we can place it over the tree stand and around the trunk of the tree. This way the tree stand has a wire cover that we can still pour water through to keep the tree hydrated, but the dogs can't get their tongues through to drink.

Man, it's fences everywhere with these guys :lol:

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I'm just picturing a lovely family Christmas tree with a big exersize pen around it. LoL... oh, what we do to keep these dogs safe!

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