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Supper at our house


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Scene 1

Wife in the kitchen, preparing supper. Fergus poking into the cupboards....as usual.

Scene 2

Well...what have we here?.....a new treat I've never had before. Perhaps I'll run to the office so she won't see me. Ah nuts...didn't know Dad was there, and with a camera too.

Scene 3




Fergus :P & Alf

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Cute!! Cooper found one of those when he was a puppy he got ahold of one of those too....didn't care for it much, but it was funny.

These dogs....


Children don't care how much you know...they want to know how much you care.
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Very cute. We have a basket on the floor where we leave our potatoes. Neither Brody nor Mia ever touched it, but on Thanksgiving I had sweet potatoes in it and Mia stole one and ate part of it, she really seemed to like it. I cooked it up and gave her and Brody a small dish. She loved it, but Brody wasn't intereste.

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Guest Darcy's Mom

Those pics of Fergus are priceless! Did she finish the tater?

Several months ago, our mixed terrier, Molly, got into the DR where I keep my taters (it's cooler in there) and next thing you know, she's bringing one to my husband to "throw" for her. I guess she thought she'd found a new toy. Of course, the end had been chewed off. Didn't seems to upset her stomach but we took it away from her and she looked like we had taken her favorite toy away. Terriers --- go figure.

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Too too funny. We almost renamed our dogs "'Tater" and "'Mater"... but chose against changing Cleo's name and Zephyr is certainly not a "Tater"... love the pics. Sneaky little things@!

Proud Mama of Zephyr and Cleo--adopted into the family Feb. 2005 from the local SPCA.


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