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Holiday wishes to you all!


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the front


The Inside and my wishes for everyone here!

It's the night before Christmas,

at the Hallsworth's house

Rebel, Robi and Sugar

are squeaking a new rubber mouse.

The wreath which had merrily hung on the door,

Sugar has scattered in pieces all over the floor.

Bill, Mike and Jimmy's stockings,

Liz hung in a neat little row,

Now each boasts a hole that was chewed in the toe.

The tree was subjected to Rebel's bright-eyed Cairn's whims,

And now, although splendid, it's missing some limbs.

Bill catches Robi and snuggles him tight.

"Be good, little Puggy, and have a quiet night."

And now as we watch them, this thought comes to us,

That their's is the spirit that makes Christmas a must.

Should children and doggies yet show us the way,

And teach us the joy that should come with this day?

Could they bring the message that's written above,

And tells us, most of all,

Christmas is LOVE!

Happiest of Holidays to everyone here!


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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I just love it....

Ever think about writing a Cairn terrier kids book? You definately have the talent and all the wonderful illustrations to go along with it.

A happy holiday to you and yours also. I'm sure we'll all be doing alot of holiday chatting once we all get our trees up.

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Thanks for your adorable card! I show it to everyone. It also inspired me and we created one at shutterfly for the holidays, my daughter (the poet) threw a little poem together for me.

It never ceases to amaze me at how your babys pose so nicely for you.

By the way, when you do that Cairn children's book, my daughter created a cartoon a year or so ago. I posted it here, but will do it again, as soon as I find it. LOL, at the time she was going to come up with a cartoon strip, but you know busy teens.....

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