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Hi All! My Madison is such a love! She is 6 months old

today. We are all in love with her :wub:

She has one small issue and I would love some feedback.

She does not share at all!! If I put out toys she hogs all of them.

She will even walk over and take a toy out of Grilly's mouth. He

lets her, but then he looks really, really sad. I don't put out chews

anymore when they are both "free" because she does the same with

those. I really want her to be herself, but I can't let her hurt

her brother's feelings. Anyone with some tricks to make her share????

here are some pics of my babies .....






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Hi Ellie:

My first German Shep. was an Alpha Female, when we added a boy to the house- she well- was the Alpha *itch of the house. She would take all the toys, and put them in her crate- she create a barking diversion to get the male's attention away and swoop in and steal the toy he had. I even bought 2 of each toy to try to help the situation, but it didn't matter. My male wasn't dominate, so the relationship worked out in the house- but my Alpha didn't want to play, just 'hoard' the booty. I felt bad for him, but in our pack she was Alpha over him-

Now between Mett & Bratt, they will take turns with chews/toys, switch off between them- sometimes one will create the barking diversion to take the others toy/bone- and sometimes it's just to start a play session.

Is Madison is either trying to initiate play, or she is being an Alpha?


Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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I also buy 2 of every toy. I think Teona is more alpha female. Tabitha has always been very submissive to all other dogs. Teona also takes Tabitha's toys, but she does this to try and get Tabitha to chase her. :wub:

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thanks for all the input. I have tried buying two of each toy.

She takes both :huh: She isn't trying to intiate play, she

just wants them. So, I guess she is an alpha female. Is there anything

I can do to tune her down a bit?

thanks Alf and Fergus, Fergus' coloring is beautiful too!

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Don't despair. I think it is a stage. Mia did the same thing with Brody. He would look so sad when she would steal his toy. She is now a year old and they share pretty well. On occasion, Mia does still hog a toy they were both playing with, but since Brody values a toy only for its fetch value, he just digs another one out of the toy box.

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My Cleo is also the toy hog. Like I've said before.. Zephyr is kind of the family "Good-time Charlie" and takes it all in while wagging his tail. However, since we've had our dogs, Cleo has MELLOWED a little bit with her little cashe of all of the toys. Cleo has also done the barking diversation to bamboozle poor Zeph... those sneaky little dogs! Hang in there.. perhaps this too, shall pass.

Proud Mama of Zephyr and Cleo--adopted into the family Feb. 2005 from the local SPCA.


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Hi Ellie,

Madison is not "alpha" anything - she's just all dog and the word "share" is not in a dog's vocabulary. :-)

Years ago I had a Yorkie. She had no interest in toys of any kind whatsover, even from puppyhood. One year I had a Christmas party and everyone brought their dogs. One of the guests brought a toy for each dog as a present. As usual, Moxie had no interest in her toy. A couple of hours later we were all in the living room and I heard Moxie give a warning growl. I looked down and there was Moxie laying on the floor - and she literally had very single toy given to all the other dogs right there on the floor next to her. She'd stolen every one and was guarding them from the other dogs. The toys all got put away :-)

Dogs learn to respect each others treats or toys because they are taught. Either when your older dog decides Madison has run out of her puppy license to misbehave - or by you repeating telling Madison "no" and removing the stolen toy.

My very un-Alpha male (Rudi) will try to steal toys or food from my other dog (Abby). Abby is definitely the boss, but she likes Rudi to chase her around after something he wants, so she does not mind. In fact, she will often pick up Rudi's favorite toy just to get him to chase her for it. When she does mind, she gives him a warning and he backs off in a split second -- or less.


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Finch does't like to share her toys either. Scout is not "into" her toys as much, so this works for her. We use a plastic tub to store their toys in. Finch will put her toys in her toybox and jump in and SIT on her toys. She has even fallen asleep "guarding" her toys!

Even when I buy two of one toy, they still want what the other has. Finch and Scout have never growled at each other, but if I see that Finch is hoarding all the toys and Scout is looking "depressed", the toys go quickly into the closet!

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