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Well, here's an update on Gidget and her tramatic overnight stay.

I missed my baby terribly last night. My Mom went in at 7:50 am this morning to pick her up from her unnecessary overnight stay. She said that when the girl brought her out she just looked up at her Grandma as if to say "Boy, am I glad to see you, but I don't feel like waggin' my tail to show you"

Poor baby...it took them 20 min. just to check her out and to pay. The girl that was working the front isn't normally up there, so my Mom said she added the ticket 4 or 5 times before giving her a total.

Mom said she was beginning to wonder how much it was going to be with all that punching on the calculator. :lol:

When I arrived at my Parents' to pick her up tonight, I opened the crate and started talking to her. She stood up, and poked her head out of the crate, but certainly didn't greet me like I'm used to her doing.

She obviously wasn't feeling very well. They gave her some Rimadyl for pain and she seems to be feeling some better since I gave her the pill.

I was concerned about her licking and chewing stitches out, but there are no visible stitches. All of her stitches are self absorbing. I guess they glued the top layer. She has to stay crated for about 3 days before she can run around again.

Keep me in your prayers, as you all know what a challenge this is going to be. :P

Oh, by the way....they charged $4.00 for her unnecessary overnight stay. If you ask me, surgeries should be done first thing in the morning, so that the patients get to go home to their families that evening. There are two vets on staff there and in my opinion, that's even more of a reason the surgery should have been done earlier. :mad: I'll jump off my box and go for now.

There's nothin' in this world better than puppy breath!!!
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If you don't mind would you share the name of the Vets office I live fairly close and We usually have to come to the Tri Cities area for more professional help and I would like to know for reference in the future. you can contact me off the list if you prefer my address is jdowdy@adelphia.net.

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