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Gidget had surgery today


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I left Gidget with my Mom & Dad yesterday evening so she could take her in to the Vet this morning for her spay.

My Mom took her in at 7:30 am this morning and they didn't even do her surgery until sometime this afternoon. I called shortly after 5:00 to see how she was doing and the girl said she had come thru surgery wonderfully and that she was doing great and could come home in the morning.

This really rubs me the wrong way. For one ...there's no excuse for waiting so long to do her surgery. :mad: Secondly, it's not fair to her...she hadn't eaten since 8:00 last night and didn't get to have anything until tonight. Third and lastly, it's not fair to me! The vet should have performed that surgery in plenty of time for her to have been able to be picked up this evening. Thanks to their dilly-dallying around, now I have to make another 45 minute trip down there to pick her up after work tomorrow! Very inconsiderate and unprofessional. Can you tell I'm a little ticked tonight?

I miss my baby!!!!!!!!! :(

There's nothin' in this world better than puppy breath!!!
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I am sorry to hear about the fiasco with Gidget. I also had this happen when we had Piper neutered. We dropped him off there at 8am. I called the office shortly after 1pm as he was to have his surgery in the morning. They told me he just went into surgery!!

I asked if I was still supposed to pick him up at 5-6pm and they said "yep". Well, we did get him that evening and I should have listened to my gut feelings and requested he spend the night. He wasn't even fully out of the anesthesia and just plain miserable....whining, whimpering, crying all night long. It was awful!!

The next morning, Saturday, he swelled up in the area where they removed his testicles. I called the vet and he had just left. Talk about upset!! I made them page him to call me at home.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. My point is....I would be glad that they decided to keep her for the night. I know you miss her but better safe than sorry.

BTW..... I don't think they should charge you for the overnight stay since they messed up.

Please give an update tomorrow after you pick her up.


Cathy and Piper

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Poor Gidget. :( I am sorry that she had such a bad experiance. Our vet told me that Savannah would be spayed between 9 and 10 a.m. unless an emergency came in that needed treatment first. Since no emergencies came in, she was spayed at 9:30 a.m. and got to come home the same day. If I were you, I would call today and ask to speak to the vet to determine why it was so late that she was spayed. If it wasn't due to something acceptable, I would tell them how disappointed you are with the service that they provided. The vet takes care of living things and they deserve to be treated as such. If it bothers you enough, begin to look for another vet to go to. You shouldn't continue to go to a vet that you don't trust. Please let us know how Gidget is doing when you pick her up today. Extra kisses being sent from Savannah... :wub:

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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That happened with us too. Elliott had to be at the office at 7:30 and they didn't do his neutering until mid afternoon. I felt a tad upset but when I found out that my vet had an emergency situation, I kind of understood.

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Guest Darcy's Mom

I'm so sorry you and Gidget had a bad experience with her surgery. Please post as soon as you can and let us know how she is doing.

When we had Darcy spayed, my vet told me ahead of time they would do the surgery mid morning and keep her all night and we could pick her up the next morning. Well, I didn't have a problem with her staying all night but my husband did. He had always wanted to bring our babies home (unless they are hooked up to an I.V.) where he knows we will be there to look after them. He feels like after 6:00 p.m. everybody is gone from the vets and no one there to look after the sick/surgery pets untill 7:30 a.m. the next day. I can see his point but surely someone checks on the animals at night? What about meds, changing dressings, etc. Do they just not get done until next morning? I guess some vets provide 24 hr. service but we haven't found one where we live.

It is really hard to leave your baby at a vet all night; kinda like leaving part of you there.

Sure hope Gidget heals quickly and is back to her normal Cairn self in no time.

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What a shame poor Gidget had to spend so much time at the Vet. I can understand why you're upset.

I'm sure she'll be one happy girl when Mom picks her up tonight!

All the best!

Alf and Fergus

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Emergencies can delay a surgery, but also vets/surgeons will do more complicated cases that take a longer time earlier in the day. This allows the opportunity to monitor, re-evaluate and sometimes go back into surgery to repair a bleeder or otherwise.

Although, this may not make you feel better, it may help to shed some light for the delay.

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I'm sorry to hear about Gidget and the unnecessary overnight stay. When Lucky was to be neutered, I made an appointment with the vet we had been seeing since we brought Lucky home. I completed all the paperwork and asked about supervision during the night (understanding that the vet

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In My Opinion . .. I would find another vet. The same thing happened to Mila, however, they let her come home. What a tramatic week I had after her surgery. She didn't act like the same dog I had left, her stitches whet clear up her stomach and they told me nothing. I had quite a round with that vet's office and wouldn't even take her back to get the stitches removed.

I immediately found another vet, got another opinion and felt much better. Sometimes I think some vet offices run them through like a factory, just one after another and don't give a darn about the pet or the families.

Don't mean to scare you, but I sure learned my lesson at about $500 for the whole ordeal (this did include heart worm and frontline) but the remainder was for her spaying. And I found out later after I got her records back they had removed one of her teeth and never did tell me!!!!

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