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piggy back spider!


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Ok this is one of my all time worst spider experiences,last night when I took Rebel out to potty he kept on trying to bite his tail (or so I thought),after a while I told him to stop it and pulled his lead trying to hurry him up,he kept on acting strange so I pull him over to the light and saw what I thought was some grass stuck to him,it was still hard to see, I flicked at it but it was stuck to him, I was just about to pick it off when I realised there wasn't anything lying around the yard to stick to him,and oh my God it moved :crybaby:

I had to save my baby, but I was bare footed in a summer dress and had just spent 5hrs cleaning our 1/2 acre block so there wasn't a twig in sight :crybaby:,I feel sick even typing this, I'm not that frighten of spiders, but there is only so much a girl can take! This was a big hairy hunstmen do you have them?you know the type, brown,live in trees,and about as big as your HAND!!!!

All I could do in my shock was yell," Rebel come,come, good boy" trying to stop him biting it while I figured something out, my hubby came out to see what I was yelling at,but by then it had jumped off by itself, I threw him the lead and ran around jumping up and down and rubbing my arms :shy:

Have to love Rebel ,he had no idea how horrible his passanger was.

I have now demanded new lights out back!

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Oh that is gross, Off topic, but does anyone know how the google adds show up under our posts. As I'm posting this, the google add is for "Scott's Tarantulas!" Freaky.

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I admit I kinda like spiders and let the few little ones that come in stay in our Ficus tree but from what you described.....I would have freaked out too! I see you're in Australia....too bad it wasn't a itsy, bitsy Koala bear, eh? Now they are cute.

It's amazing what we do for the love of our Cairns. I hate snakes and often wonder how I'd react if Elliott came in with one around his neck!! :shock:

Yes, I see that tarantula ad too. Too bad I'm not in the market for another pet.

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I have no idea what kind of spider you are referring to, but as soon as you said BIG, you had my skin crawling!!!!!! Yuck!!!

I would have lost my cool, too....for sure!!


Cathy and Piper

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